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You Were Formed by His Hand

There are days when we are tempted to think that God doesn’t really care about us.  We wonder; If He cares so much, why doesn’t He do more to make our lives better?  We can’t see His care by our circumstances.  The work we do for Him seems fruitless.  It seems that everyone else is getting a better deal from God.  After time our love and devotion grows stale.  On days like that, His love never changes.
God’s love for humans is well documented from Genesis to Revelation.  Weare His constant preoccupation.  If you look around the beautiful worldHe created, you must be in awe that He made it all for you.  Even in a fallencondition, the beauty of the universe reveals that a loving and caring Creatorput it all in place.  What more favor can we demand?
Right from the beginning of creation, you see God’s special love for humans.  Whenyou read Genesis 1, you find out how God just spoke and the whole world cameinto being.  His words brought something out of nothing.  Each dayof creation, all He did was speak and trees were planted, fish were swimmingand animals were roaming the earth.  When it came to the creation of theman and woman, He did more than speak.  God took the dust of the groundand held it in His very hands.  When it came to the creation of man, Hecould have just spoken to the dust and told it to become a man.  He didmore than that.  He literally formed the dust into a man with His own hands.  Then,He breathed into the man with His own breath.  Later He used His hands againas He created the woman from the rib of the man.  How can you doubt theGod who formed you with His very hands?
Genesis chapter three explains how we got separated from God and how the worldbecame so full of sin.  It also shows how much God loves and cares for us.  Hebegan by protecting us from living eternally in our fallen condition by sendingAdam and Eve out of the garden.  He didn’t send them out without sheddingthe blood of an animal and creating clothes for the man and woman.  Thiswas a picture of the way Jesus’ shed blood enables us to wear His robesof righteousness so that we can be reunited with our God.
We need to call this to mind when we are disappointed with our unanswered prayers.  Weneed to remember that there is no one in the Universe that loves us more thanthe God of the Universe.  David pondered the love God has for man.  OLord, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him? (Psalm144:3)   The next time you judge God’s care for you by your circumstances,turn to the Psalms, look over the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and seeif you can build a case against God’s care.  Then look at your ownlife.  Can you really say He doesn’t care for you?  Recall howHe took the care to form you in His hands.



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