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You've Got to Labor to Rest

Sometimes it is easier to recognize your own issues when you look at other people doing the same thing. My daughter has been running herself ragged for the past few weeks. She has participated in two plays, tried out for drill team, now she has officer try-outs, all the while trying to keep up with her homework and several graduation parties plus meetings at church. She has literally had no time to rest! Actually, she is making my schedule look good.

Hebrews 4:11 says; Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience. Make every effort to rest, another translation renders it labor to rest. The resting the Hebrew’s writer is referring to here is a rest in the salvation that Christ has made possible for us. The people who were disobedient are the Israelites. Joshua brought them into the Promised Land, but they did not rest in
God. Rather they lived in the land in their own strength.

I know that I put a lot of effort into my life. Perhaps I need to put more effort into rest. I have found that by following God’s directions for rest, I get more done. For instance, I did something yesterday, Sunday, that my daughter didn't. Although my schedule is flooded with just as many responsibilities as hers, I rested on Sunday. On Sundays I don't work on books, do chores or regular responsibilities. Rather I rest. I read a chapter of a spiritual book. I take a long walk. I knit for relaxation, watch television, anything but work. And you know what—it works. When I make an effort to rest, it gives God room to work in my life. He helps me get those million things done that there is no way I could do in my own strength.

There’s something else I need to warn you about. It does take effort to find time and ways to rest. Satan’s biggest tool in our life is distractions. If he can't get you with the big ten sins, he will wipe you out by doing everything except taking time to sit and be quiet and totally present with God. He knows that being with God is the secret to your spiritual power. He
knows how effective rest is in your life. That is why he works so hard to keep you from it.

I think these words from Hebrews 4:11 are very fitting here. Labor to rest. Make effort to rest. Do whatever it takes to make room for rest in your life. You won't believe how much more productive your life will be for Christ.


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