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What's New in the New Year

The end of December and beginning of January are full of newness in my life. In fact, today is my 43rd birthday—a new year of my existence. I celebrate Jesus’ birthday, my birthday, New Year’s Day and my twentieth wedding anniversary all within eleven days. I have many reasons to reflect on what’s new at the end of each year.  In the midst of considering all that becomes new when January comes around each year, I find security in considering what will never change.
I find a sure foundation in what Jesus taught us in Luke 16:16-17. The Lawand the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time, the good news ofthe kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is forcing his way into it.It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of apen to drop out of the Law. As I reflect on the newness of this year, Iconsider what will never change. 
In spite of the fact that over two thirds of the world denies the Law and theProphets and the Teachings of Jesus about the Kingdom, they are forcing theirway into it.  The Law and the Prophets are God’s efforts to reachout to mankind after sin.  They existed in the heart of God before man wasever created and will continue to hold the community of God together for eternity.By its very nature the Law forces everyone to deal with it. 
We have a guaranteed foundation to consider as we reflect on what we would liketo make new in our lives. I want to make a renewed commitment to honoring thelaw of God in my life, marriage, work, and my entire existence. I want to seethe Law and the teaching of the Prophets as the motivation for living my life.Making plans for a great New Year includes honoring what has existed for eternitypast and future.
The something old that I want to honor in the New Year is the Law and the Teachingof the Prophets, as well as the teaching of Jesus. This is the foundation ofmy life and existence.  Whether I acknowledge them or not, I am forcingmy way into them daily. In fact, everyone is forcing his way into the Law, whetherhe knows it or not.
Forcing seems like a subversive word. Many debate what Jesus was meant by thisstatement, but I believe that Jesus was merely stating the fact that the Lawand the Prophets exist and by the very nature of who we are and who God is theyare a force that each of us will acknowledge at some point in our existence.Those who come to love and cherish these laws and use them as the guiding lightfor their lives find them a force of light and life. Those who ignore or denythem find them a force that drives them from the force of life.
I want to live this New Year forcing myself into the great news of the Law andthe Prophets and the Kingdom of God and the foundation for my life. These age-oldfoundations will produce newness in my life in a powerful way!




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