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What May Be Known About God

It is glorious to know that what I know about God is not all there is to know about Him. Have you discovered this awesome reality about God yet? When we are first getting to know Him, we easily define Him in a way that is comfortable for us. It may be a denominational criteria or the view of the person who teaches you most about knowing God. As we mature in knowing Him, we know one thing for sure; God cannot be put into a box.

Whatever I know about God, I will never know Him, only what may be known aboutHim. I am very comforted by this thought. God is both knowable and unknowable.He is the One who knows what I can know and what I cannot know. Jack Nickelsonis famous for his line in the movie A Few Good Men “You can’thandle the truth!” Because the character he played was not God, it is notthe same as when God says to me, “You can’t handle the truth!” WhatGod is saying is: “I love you so much that I know if you really knew morethan what I allow you to know it would not be good for you. I can be known andmake Myself known. Get to know what may be known of Me and understand that thereis so much more that you will know when you are ready.” I’m good with that. Are you?

The good news is that there is enough that can be known about God to keep meoccupied for my lifetime for sure. Whether I will know all there is to know aboutGod in heaven, I don’t know, but I do know I will know Him even betterthen because 1 Corinthians 13:12 tells me,

“Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

In spite of the fact that I can only know about God what may be known, God knows all about me. He knows me better than I know myself. God tells me that I am fully known. That truth right there may explain why what may be known by me about God is limited. He knows me, and He knows what my soul can know about Him and what needs to wait until I am transformed more completely to know.

I can’t handle the truth about God, and I can’t handle the truth about myself. Because God loves me he limits my knowledge until I can handle the truth. For today, I am asked to handle the truth that I am able to know.

When I stopped to make a list of what may be known about God, I saw that the list could go on and on. Maybe what can be known is enough for a lifetime. I think I will spend my time focusing on what may be known about Him and what He chooses to reveal to me about me, and that will be all I need for now.



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