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What Keeps Me from Humility?

Israel had a problem. Actually, they had a lot of problems. One of the major sources of their problems was their lack of humility. A great prophet to Israel, Isaiah told them, Once more the humble will rejoice in the Lord; the needy will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 29:19). Once more implies that before their destruction they were greatly aware of their state of humility and their neediness. It seems that destruction was related to their pride and self-sufficiency. Does that sound like anyone you know?

You and I have problems. Our problems may be different, but the reason for ourproblems may be the same as the country of Israel. Have we stopped recognizingour humble state and our utter dependence on God?

This verse caused me to stop and ask myself some good questions: Why do Iwalk so far from God? Why do I ignore my neediness? Why do I see myself, ratherthan God as the answer to my needs and problems? What keeps me from humility?

Most often I don’t make a definite decision not to trust God. It’smy nature to get working on problems. I want to get things going, to start outin a direction to make a change. I don’t wait on God. I don’t stopto see God as the answer to my problem and rely only on myself.

Also at work is my sense of pride that tells me God is not concerned about thisproblem in my life sets me off on my quest for self-sufficiency. I may appearhumble to let God off the hook from helping me, but it is so against everythingGod tells me about Himself. He even knows the number of hairs on my head (Matthew10:30). He wants to be a part of all aspects of my life. Fixing my problem myselfis easier than waiting on God to give input. I don’t even consider thatGod may have sent this problem my way so that I can grow spiritually (James 1:2).

Another escape from humility is my own determination to ignore my needs. I don’tlike to see myself as needy, therefore I don’t think about how God canmeet my needs. I exist in a world of oblivious to my need to depend on God formy daily bread.

The most common reason for my lack of humility is that I think I can handle myproblems better than God. He might tell me to love an enemy or something. I don’tthink He knows the best way to handle my problems, so I handle them myself…until.You probably know how that ends. Like Israel I desperately come back to God andlay my problems at His feet.

Once more, I too feel the joy of humility. I sense the delight in recognizingthat there is nothing I am able to do to meet my needs. I’m happy because,when I know that I am not enough, I can fully trust in the One Who is all I reallyneed. Is there a problem you need to humbly and gratefully bring to Him today?



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