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What Is Sin?

When was the last time you asked yourself this question? If you are like me, you tend not to think too much about your sin. I was taking a Bible study this summer, and when the subject of sin came up, I was struggling to list my sins. Long gone are the categories of sins that are so obvious. I thought I was making progress in acknowledging my sins daily, but this teaching brought up my lapse in paying attention to my current transgressions.

God knows my heart so well that He waited a few days for me to forget my suddendesire to rid my life of sin before He pointed out this verse that was ever sohelpful in showing me what real sin is. At the end of the week, He gave me adefinition of sin that has blown me away ever since. I just can’t thinkof sin the same way since reading Romans 14:23b, which says, “everythingthat does not come from faith is sin.”

Now that takes sin far beyond the category of “I don’t smoke andI don’t chew and I don’t go with girls who do.” Everythingthat does not come from faith is sin. That definition is thoroughly clever andprofoundly simple at the same time. It has given me quite a lot to think aboutand reconsider concerning what is and what is not sin in my life. To come upwith the answer to: “What is sin?” or better “What is my sin?” Imust ask myself a different question than I have been asking. Rather than searchmy life for evidence of selfishness, hate, greed, etc., I need to search my lifefor lack of faith. That is where I find my real sin. Anything in my life thatis not of faith is sin.

Well, that reality is obvious now that God pointed it out to me. Of course Idon’t have faith when I am greedy, impatient, and judgmental. This definitionof sin causes me to probe even deeper than I have been to realize that when Idon’t have faith for everything; that it is sin.

I thought the saints got extra points for living their everythings by faith.I didn’t think the regular guys were expected to have faith for everything.Faith in everything up until now has seemed like extra credit, not sin.

No more, now that I have this definition of sin I could go on and on in my timeof confession. I doubt that there will ever be a day that I couldn’t confessmy sins.

I have to say that “everything that is not of faith is sin” is adefinition of sin that I have long needed. It helps me see sin from God’sperspective. Sin is not just a list of dos and don’ts. Sin is much biggerand broader than that.

Of course I am so happy with this definition of what is sin because it also revealsGod’s amazing love for me. All this sin, and He still loves me. No wonderit took such an unbelievable sacrifice to deal with it. I’m grateful tobe set free to see my sin for what it is.



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