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What is Beauty?

The preacher’s illustration caused me to go to my computer when I got home and do a little research for myself. He told of a recent airplane flight where he read a magazine article about The Beautiful Room. No, the article didn't give tips on decorating; it described a social club exclusively for Beautiful People.

Of course, we are equally appalled at such a club, but still a little intriguedat the same time. Seeing that I was not a member (and would never desire to befor that matter), I could not get much information from the website. However,I did find an article printed in a local magazine written by an undercover journalistwho became a member of the club, as well as, some blogspots written by club members.What I could observe from my limited internet research were opposing views ofthe experiences at the club. The journalist described a homogenous, sex-craved,cosmetically altered crowd of women with few what she could consider beautifulmen to balance the lineup. The blogspotters reported on great experiences ofmaking beautiful acquaintances and having beautiful experiences that they hopedto repeat at future Beautiful Events. I couldn't help but think, werethey at the same party?

How do you define beauty? What is your standard? The age-old saying is very true, Beautyis in the eye of the beholder. Hopefully, you like me are only intriguedby the Beautiful Room and you would have no further desire to explore a placelike that. But how do you define beauty? Can you recognize your own beauty? Doyou see the beauty in other people?

The text for the sermon was 1 Samuel 16:7, But the Lord said to Samuel, Donot consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lorddoes not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance,but the Lord looks at the heart. The preacher concluded his sermon by challengingus to make our church a Beautiful Room. It should be a place where beautifulpeople meet to praise a beautiful God and learn beautiful truths from His word,then go out and do beautiful deeds.

If you are facing a challenge to see your true beauty, I want to recommend mynewest books, Comfortable in Your Own Skin, and Beauty Secrets—Tipsfor Teens from the Ultimate Make-up Artist, coauthored with my daughter Rachel.I'm not trying to sell a book, but offer an opportunity to think deeper on thissubject. In this book I explain the origins of our issues with beauty and showhow seeking beauty was the demise of Satan. I have witnessed God’s healingpower as women have read this book and opened the wounds that have kept themfrom receiving their true beauty. As they bring these wounded places before theWord of God, they come to see their true beauty. It is humbling to be a partof God’s work in the lives of women and girls, and at the same time itis a thrilling experience.

Pursuing or running from beauty has a spiritual foundation. The way we find thebeauty we are seeking in ourselves and others is a spiritual transformation.I always say that the only healing for body-image is a spiritual healing. That’sbecause at its core it is a spiritual problem. Let’s make every room weenter a Beautiful Room with God’s help.


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