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What Does Your Spiritual Life Cause Others to Wonder?

There was a lot of spiritual darkness that existed in the world before Jesus came.  There had been centuries of silence since a prophet had spoken Israel.  The religious scene was being led by Experts in the Law who were exacting burdens on the people to express their spirituality. 
Onto this scene comes John the Baptist.  He comes out of the desert andbegins to preach.  He isn't drawing people in with a social gospel by beingsympathetic to the plight of human suffering.  He doesn't preach with eloquentwords that hide the truth of how sinful people are.  He doesn't heal thesick or raise the dead.  He simply preaches.  He preaches a powerfulmessage of personal responsibility for sin and personal need for repentance.  Hepreaches that the Messiah is on His way and the people need to repent, be baptizedand get ready!
Something about John was unlike any religious leader they had followed.  Infact, John's message was attracting soldiers, tax collectors and every kind ofsinner.  John's message was giving hope to the least spiritually mindedpeople in the community.  Who would have ever guessed that people like thatwanted a relationship with God too?  All the excitement drew the attentionof the Pharisees and other religious leaders, as well.  They weren't comingto hear a message from John, rather to check up on their parishioners.  Itdidn’t matter, because John had a strong message for them.  He calledthem a Brood of Vipers and told them they needed to repent and bearfruit in keeping with repentance. 
As the people came out in droves to listen to John and observed his way of lifeand the TRUTH that came from him, they wondered something.  Luke 3:15 says, Thepeople were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if Johnmight possibly be the Christ.  These people watched John's life andlistened to John's message and wondered if he were Christ.  They did nothave the advantage of knowing what Christ is really like as we do.  Butsomething about John's life impressed them so much, they thought he could bethe Messiah.
Reading this made me stop and wonder.  What do people wonder when they observemy spirituality?  Do they wonder why following God could be so great?  Dothey wonder how they can have what I have?  Do they wonder how a Christiancould do a thing like that?  Are people drawn to Christ through my life?
I know this is what Christ wants for my life.  He wants me to live in sucha way that people wonder how they can know Christ like I do.  How aboutyou?  What do people wonder when they see your life?  Do they wondergood things or bad?  Just like John the Baptist, we are sent into the worldto prepare the way for the message of Christ.  One of the ways we preparethe way is how we live. 


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