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What Are You Thinking?

Aren't you grateful that others cannot know what you are thinking every minute of every day?  It is good that God created blocks in communication.  Sometimes we need a lot of time to think before we open our mouths and share our opinions.
God knows what we are thinking all the time.  There is no way to get aroundthat, although I'm sure you would like to think you could.  He knows itall.  You can't keep a secret from God.  Sometimes God knows what weare thinking better than we do.
Luke 5 contains the exciting story of Jesus healing a paralyzed man whom hisfriends dropped down through the ceiling tiles.  It’s a great children'sstory.  Imagine the thought, Jesus was teaching crowds of people when allof the sudden the roof starts to break open.  Was it an act of God?  No,there were some crazy men up there dropping their paralyzed friend right in frontof Jesus. 
Try to imagine what you might be thinking at a moment like this.  Wouldyou be angry that some crazy people were interrupting the moment you were fortunateenough to get their early to see?  Would you be thinking, Wow we'vegot Jesus on the spot; can He heal unexpected requests? 
I'm not sure how long people had to think because Jesus quickly responded tothis interruption with this statement, Your sins are forgiven (Luke5:20).  I'm not sure what the Pharisees had been thinking up until thatpoint, but at the moment Jesus told the man his sins were forgiven, their littlebrains started spinning.  They weren't outspoken enough to make their objectionsknown, so Jesus exposed their thoughts.  Knowing what they were thinking,Jesus answered them by saying, Which is easier:  to say Your sins areforgiven, or to say Get up and walk?  Jesus knew the answer to Hisquestion.  Telling this man to get up and walk was easy for God's Son.  Forgivingthis man's sins meant dying on a cross. 
Luke 5:22 says, Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, ‘Whyare you thinking these things in your hearts?’  Jesus knows whatyou are thinking today too.  He asks the same question of you.  Whyare you thinking these things in your hearts?  Why are you thinking, Idon’t have a major ministry, so I don’t matter much in God's kingdomwork, or I didn’t get the job I wanted so God doesn't want to bless mewith a job, or It’s okay that I am gossiping with my neighbor because weare going to pray for these people too, or Life is just too hard. 
Perhaps you need to take some time today to confront what you are thinking withGod's truth.


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