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Weakness is Strength

Recently, I have been astounded by thoughts from Psalm 8. Do you know this Psalm? It is the one about how magnificent the Lord is. David’s words move us from considering the moon and the stars which God’s hands have put in place to the thought of pondering how such a magnificent Being could be so personally in touch with man. I, too, am amazed by this reality. I’m grateful to hear the choir sing these words in an anthem and consider this again and again, but I will never have an answer to the reason this reality is so. These thoughts, do however, take my heart to a deeper trust in our magnificent God!

All of that I have thought before, but my latest adventure into Psalm 8 has me stunned at verse 2.

Because of Your adversaries, You have established a stronghold from the mouths of children and nursing infants to silence the enemy and the avenger.

What? Before I move on to the more astounding words in this Psalm, I must stop and ponder the What, Who, Why of this solid fact of reality.

God created the world and this proves how magnificent He is indeed. He created angels and from them came His adversaries. They thought the world was pretty magnificent too, and decided that they wanted the world without the God who created it. They had free will, so they used it to devise a plan to get the world they wanted. They saw one fatal flaw in God’s magnificent world and that was that He mistakenly gave authority over His world to mankind. Satan, himself, took the lead to trick Adam and Eve into rejecting God’s instruction. By doing so Adam and Eve gave over the magnificent world God had given to them. Everything seemed to move in their direction of His adversaries save one spiritual reality they didn’t see coming. They saw the humans—children, infants—as weak creatures that were duped into handing over God’s world to them. They had no idea that the mouths of children and nursing infants, the weakest of all mankind is established the strength of God so that they will not be able to overcome! That strength is the love God has for mankind. God’s love for man is the strength He established. God’s strength is particularly evidenced from the mouths of infants and babes, the weakest state of mankind.

At this very moment, my first granddaughter is growing in the womb of my daughter and I already relate to her strength. Her very existence is turning the people in her world upside down. She was sent to us as a surprise, and her parents are busy scrapping the plans they had for 2016 and following the new ones her life demands. God is moving heaven and earth to make room for another essence of mankind from whom He establishes His strength.

God’s strength is love. He will never abandon or forsake the human beings He has created. He will, ever to our dying day, forever give each newborn child an opportunity to respond to the love that is established and cannot be taken away. His love is free love; and just as it is freely given, it must be freely received. He will not force any one of His creations, as evidenced in the fact that He has an enemy of among the creations that He Himself has made, to love and trust Him back.

I love this reference to infants and children. I love connecting the strength God established long ago over enemies through the weakest of mankind. Yes God, Your universe demands that we see Your magnificence. That is easy to recognize. Perhaps, I could have come to that conclusion on my own. However, the fact that Your strength is established from the mouths of infants and children, the truest example of that being when You sent Jesus in human form as an infant, now that is a wonder that stumped Your enemy! It causes my soul to see the magnificence of You in a more magnificent way!


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