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Trust in God

The most horrific events of life harmonize the juxtaposition of what it means to trust in God. Without challenges that threaten our natural desires to trust God, we would not truly know what trust in God really means.

Men who thought they fully trusted in God cried out against Jesus as He hung on the cross: He trusts in God. Let God rescue Him now if he wants Him (Matthew 27:43). Indeed everything about how and why and where He was on the cross was demonstrating His complete trust in God.

No doubt those who trust in God will continue to be ridiculed and questioned about their foolish faith. Yet trust in God requires faith in what we cannot see.

Trust in God will be required of every soul that seeks to know Him and be set free from the trap of sin. Trust in God is what is called out of us in order to partake in the hope, joy and peace that He longs to give. Romans 15:13 says:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. The action required here is trust in God. We are not asked to trust in people, trust in money, trust in government, rather the direction is clear—trust in God and you will be filled with hope, joy, peace and the Holy Spirit.

Why is it so hard to trust in God? It’s easy to overlook a need to trust in God. Most of us aren’t even aware that we have stopped trusting in Him. Julian of Norwich summarizes what utter trust in God really means:

“In spite of our poor choices and spiritual blindness in this life our courteous Lord continues to love us. We will bring him the most pleasure if we rejoice with him and in him.

When the end comes and we are taken for judgment above, we will then clearly understand in God the mysteries that puzzle us now. Not one of us will think to say, Lord, if it had been some other way, all would be well.

We shall all say in unison, Lord , bless you because it is all the way it is. It is well. Now we can honestly see that everything is done as you intended; you planned it before anything was ever made.”

Indeed that is what trust in God is really about. When I read this quote from Julian of Norwich I am reminded of that moment described in Revelation 16 when the angel has poured the third of the Seven Bowls of Wrath, all heaven responded: Yes, Lord God Almighty, true and just are your judgments (Revelation 16:7).

Trust in God is most fully experienced in the midst of our greatest heartaches. It is only in those times that we learn where our trust really lies.



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