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True Healing

As a college student I remember asking God if He still heals in our day as He did in the Bible. I was very bold and asked Him to answer me by healing some warts that were growing between my toes despite my doctor burning them off two times.  He did not heal them instantly as He did when He walked on earth, but He did heal them. They went away and have never returned. I knew in my heart that He did it to answer my heartfelt question. I knew that yes God does heal in our times, too.

Since then I have asked Him to supernaturally heal many people. The answers I have received have been varied. Praying in faith, since He told me that He does still heal today, I have requested some bold requests. I ask for the impossible regardless of the doctor’s opinion. Even today I am praying for healing for several people.  ’m even asking God to heal a bone spur in my foot. I know that it is right to ask. I have never personally witnessed an immediate healing as described in Scripture. But I do know of my own and others’ healings that we attribute to God’s hand in our lives. I have heard stories of immediate healing from people that I know and trust. This type of instant healing usually occurs in foreign countries where medical help is not available.  

What I have learned about healing in the last four decades is that true healing is found in seeking God’s will. Romans 12:2 describes God’s will as good, pleasing and perfect. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Tell that to someone who is fighting for their life, enduring every harsh treatment, yet discovering that their heroic efforts have not made a difference at all. They must accept that healing is sometimes found in death.

God’s will is not our will. It is difficult to accept His will when it comes to accepting that our loved one has succumbed to death although we have fervently prayed for healing. Through the years I have discovered that the truest healing is received when I accept that God’s will is better than mine. As I write this, I have two friends who are fighting for their lives. I have a friend who has succumbed to death yet earlier had overcome the odds to live longer than anyone expected. My true healing comes as I accept God’s will in all these cases. Whether God chooses to supernaturally heal or He takes my friends and dear ones home, I must accept His will

God’s will is my truest healing. Better than a miraculous healing from cancer or an instant blindness restored is the acceptance of God’s good, pleasing and perfect will. When you think about it, not accepting God’s will is our greatest brokenness. It makes sense that accepting His will is our greatest healing. We don’t need to understand why. Indeed, we recognize that we can never understand why. What we can accept is that God is the great healer and even if His healing comes through death, or the worst outcome we prayed against, it is healing nonetheless.  

When my will merges with God’s will, I am healed. This is what Jesus showed us in the Garden of Gethsemane. Although He prayed in that garden exhibiting signs of illness and breakdown of His body (sweating blood), when He accepted God’s will He was ready to face death on a cross.

God’s will is always healing though His will might be hard to accept.


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