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The Wasp Warrior

The presence of a wasp in your life can bring out what’s hidden in your soul. I’m not a big fan of wasps. I haven’t been stung by one since my childhood, but when I was I had an allergic reaction that turned my skin black and blue. They aren’t very appealing to look at either, a dingy brown color and all lanky and out of sorts; they are not the kind of insect that I like to sit and watch. Watching them, however, and watching other’s reactions to them taught me spiritual lessons.

The people I witnessed who were close proximity to the wasps were on a spiritualjourney. They had climbed a high, glass-enclosed tower to take in the beautyof a lake and countryside, but what we all discovered was that there must havebeen some kind of wasps’ nest on the roof of the tower because our viewwas being inhibited by the less- than-glorious creatures assaulting our questfor peace.

At first we found them annoying, keeping us from clearly taking in the view,then we noticed that they had found entrance even into the world we inhabited.Once one of them got in our glass tower, the reactions were diverse. Some instantlywithdrew and ran for the stairs to exit the presence of a wasp. Others calmlysat, keeping a watchful eye on the creatures, but not drawn to do anything elseabout their presence. Only one became a Wasp Warrior. She bravely took off hershoe and quietly and confidently moved toward the wasp, waiting for just theright moment to strike, flattening the horrid creature between her shoe and whateversurface on which the wasp had landed. This action caused several others to exitrather than be around should this Wasp Warrior’s mission fail and theirsafety be in jeopardy.

I inquired about how it was that she alone was brave enough to rid our room ofthe danger a wasp posed and she told me that she had many experiences recentlyin dealing with wasps. Her own home was threatened by a nest near her chimneyand, although she fears them as much as the rest of us, her own safety and thesafety of her children had brought out the need for courage and calm in the faceof the challenge they brought into her life.

Sorry to any wasp lovers out there. I know God has a purpose for their existence,but in my spiritual lesson the wasps represent Satan and the threats he bringsto our lives. He comes to distract us from the beauty of God’s love, delightand devotion for us. He attempts to draw our attention away from the vastnessof His wonder and power and onto the tiny, hurtful and ugly realities that upsetour lives. Some of us see the wasps and spend our time running away from them,yet always sensing they are soon to catch up. We miss God’s beauty becauseour minds are always on our problems. Others see them and let them coexist withthe beauty of God. They have a sense of God’s love that enables them tostand in the midst of their troubles, keeping a careful eye on them, never lettingthem become larger troubles. Still others become Wasp Warriors, unwilling torun or co-exist, but determined to win the battle of the wasp and come out avictor.

The Wasp Warrior reminded me of how Paul saw Timothy when he wrote to him in1 Timothy 1: 18-20, Timothy, my son, I give you this instruction in keepingwith the prophecies once made about you, so that by following them you may fightthe good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience. Some have rejectedthese and so have shipwrecked their faith. Are you fighting the good fight?Are you a Wasp Warrior?


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