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The Submitted Life

With a high school senior we are constantly hearing about how much college money is available, but goes unclaimed each year. Unwilling to let that happen, we are trying to stay hot on the trial of any possible money for which our daughter might be eligible.

The only truth bleaker than all this supposed unclaimed scholarship money isthe overwhelming amount of unclaimed grace that people refuse every day. WhenJesus died on the cross and took on the sins of the world, His one death wasenough to cover all the sins of every human being who has ever been born on thisearth. The Bible tells us that not every human will claim the gift of righteousnessJesus offers.

Paul said it poignantly about the Jews who rejected Christ in Romans 10:3, Sincethey did not know the righteousness that comes from God and sought to establishtheir own, they did not submit to God’s righteousness. When I readthat I think, Wow, who could ever not submit to God’s righteousness? God’srighteousness is quite a deal. God knows that I'm a sinner and that there isno hope of me ever being righteous. When I finally could see God’s pointof view, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Jesus gave me Hisrighteousness. It couldn't be more simple or more available to everyone. Whywon't some submit?

Then I think of myself. Just because I have accepted Jesus’ righteousnessas my own for salvation, I, like the Jews, still attempt to live in my own powerfor the rest of my life. I have a hard time submitting to God’s power tolive my life. I have my own ideas about how to live. Whew, it makes me so gratefulthat the Holy Spirit was able to penetrate my thick head to show me my need forsalvation! It just makes me pray more fervently for those I know who have rejectedGod’s offer of salvation. I know that they cannot accept Christ on theirown. I can do my part by living the Christian life in such a way that it makesthem desire to know Christ. I can pray.

While I'm praying I need to pray for myself. "Father, help me submit toyour righteousness for my daily living. Help me realize that You are the centerof my life and that all the great ideas for what I want to have and what I wantto do and how I want to live need to be submitted to you. I can't do this withoutyour help, Lord."

How are you doing in living the submitted life? Where do you need to submit?Do you need to submit for salvation?



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