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The Power of God

God taught me more about His power during a recent trip to the beach. It all started when my word for the day reminded me of my powerlessness. I was reading in Romans 8:3,

“For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering, and so he condemned sin in sinful men.”

Yes, I am powerless. I know that. It's easy to believe in my powerlessness, but being convinced of it is another story.

That's why the early morning adventure to catch the sunrise on the beach was used to illustrate God's power to me in a deeper way. It reinforced the message He longs for me to accept regarding His power and mine. He showed me the many facets of His power, which helps me embrace my powerlessness.

The force of God's power was obvious just walking to the beach before sunrise. Although I couldn’t see the ocean, I could hear it even from a distance. Once I arrived, the immensity of the ocean contained in the crescent of the Gulf of Mexico was a sight to behold. For as far as I could see there was no end to the watery expanse that lay before me. Past experience reminded me that the force of this water had the power to annihilate every building, bridge, or structure that existed in the proximity of the shore. Yet, I felt completely safe in the presence of this forceful power. The waves pounded on the white sand beneath my toes yet came no further. It showed me God's power and restraint. God has the power to use the wind and waves to destroy or give life. As I listened to the wind and waves, I was reminded of His controlled power. The vast power of God displayed in the Gulf of Mexico brought strength to my soul. I witnessed how His power, contained by His purpose, delighted the beach goers, including myself.

My adventure was perfectly timed to allow me just the right moment to witness the sunrise. This magical moment of the day helped me to recognize God's transforming power. Before the bright orange ball was visible, the color of the water I was sitting by appeared to have a greenish tint. Although I had never been to this particular beach, I had been to this part of Florida before; and the water wasn’t the color I expected from this pristine shore. As the sun rose in the east, the universe was highlighted in shades that perhaps mirror some of the colors of heaven. It was a spectacular display of power that lasts only for a brief encounter and is reserved for the few who rise early enough to seek it. Once the day dawned and the sun was well above the shore, the sky and the water were their expected blue. It reminded me that God’s power transforms what is and reveals what is really there.

My third sense of the power of God was when I sat down on the beach, a heart filled with delight and appreciation for the reality of my powerlessness and His power. And as if on cue, God sent a large fish to jump from the depths of His creation. Shortly thereafter He blessed me with laughing dolphins that highlighted the morning adventure—as if sent just for me to remind me that He has the power over the powerful sea and even the delightful creatures that swim there. Nothing is beyond His power if He wills it. My heart was full of gratitude that this day His will was this experience of His power and my powerlessness and the chance I have to share them with you.


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