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The Most Relevant Question

What is the most important question you could ask yourself every day? As I was reading about the conversation between Jesus and Peter after Jesus' resurrection, I realized that the question Jesus asked Peter three times is the most critical question each of us needs to be asked on a regular basis. 

John 21:15-25 records the conversation between Jesus and Peter.  Only days before Peter had wept in utter despair over the fact that he had indeed betrayed Jesus just as was predicted. Peter had already seen Jesus and believed in his resurrection, but he was startled when Jesus showed up with breakfast one morning after he and six other disciples had an evening of unproductive fishing. When they arrived on shore, Jesus fed them a nourishing meal.  It was after breakfast that Jesus engaged Peter in a personal conversation.

Jesus looked right into Peter's eyes and asked him: Do You Love Me? He asked him this same question three times. By the third time Peter felt a little hurt, as if Jesus were insinuating that Peter didn't love Him. What if Jesus were to ask you that question; Debi do you love me? How would you answer? I know it would be easy for me to answer: Yes. After all, who wouldn't love God? He is the One who made me. He saved me.  He loves me. I love Him, that's for sure.

I think that is why Jesus asked the question three times. It's obvious that we love God.  We were created to love Him. But if we really stop and ponder the question, as Peter was asked to do, perhaps we will find a different answer. Do you love God? Do you really love God? Do you love God enough to do what is most important to Him?

If you really love God, you will be about the business of feeding His sheep. The most relevant question of life leads to the most relevant action of life. You say that you love God, but how are you feeding His sheep? Where are you sharing with others?  How are you encouraging the people He loves? 

Do You love me? is the most critical question we can ask ourselves. I can't think of a more relevant question that needs to be asked each day of my life. Do you love Me? There are too many days when there has been no evidence that I loved Jesus. Instead, you would find evidence that I loved myself and went about getting everything done in my time and in my way. Do You love Me? is a question that can stop me in my tracks, and make me think about what is important in this life. If I asked it of myself frequently enough, perhaps I would discover a different focus for my day.

I challenge you to take this very important question posed to Peter by Jesus as your own relevant question for your life. Let it bring you back to the basics.  Let it guide you to spiritual meaning and purpose. Do you love Jesus?  How are you feeding His sheep?



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