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The Last Cry

We love to tell Ben (my favorite son) stories. When he got old enough he told us that he wanted a fee for any we published. As a small child he had a way of seeing things that others missed.

One day he asked us, Did you ever think about the fact that when Jesus wasa baby they wrapped Him in cloth and when He died they wrapped Him in cloth?

No, we would answer. We never thought of that.

He went on to tell us, Before Jesus was born He rode on a donkey, and beforeHe died He rode on a donkey.

I just had a Ben thought. Jesus’ first utterance on earth was most likelya cry. At least that has been my experience with my two newborns. The ooing andcooing comes later. Usually, their first sound is that distinguishable sweetwail. We love to hear that bawl because it signifies life and health.

When you consider Jesus’ crying it makes perfect sense. He left heavento be born on this earth. What is a more fitting reaction than a flat out yowl—thekind only newborns make? I’m sure He had a good one, no matter what thefamous carol, Away in a Manger describes. No one had a better reasonto cry than baby Jesus. It seemed the only fitting reaction to the reality Hewas living. Yes, He was among the people He loved, doing what His Father hadasked Him to do. Doing God’s will does not mean no more tears.

Now here’s the Ben thought: Did you ever think that when Jesus was bornon earth the first thing He did was cry, but when we get to heaven with Him Hewill wipe away our tears?

Tears and crying are definitely necessary here on earth. We all need to do ourshare of shedding them. But sadness and tears will no longer be a part of ourexperience in heaven. What a thought! It just makes me happy to think that Jesusunderstands all about tears.

Jesus shed His share of tears even after He grew to be a man. John 11:35, thefavorite verse to memorize of children everywhere, Jesus wept, is one example.Tears are important, even essential to our reality on this earth. In Ezekiel24:15-17 God told Ezekiel to grieve in his closet after his wife died beforehe went outside and not to cry in front of others.

The absence of tears in heaven is inviting. Revelation 7:17 tells us, Forthe Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead themto springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Iknow I’m ready to stop having legitimate reasons to cry, but, while I’mhere on earth, tears are good for my soul. I don’t need to cry every day,but I won’t grow into deeper relationship with God without shedding a fewtears along the way.

I’m so glad that God gave this thought to me, rather than Ben. I offerit to you free of charge. I pray that it draws you closer to the heart of Godand helps you understand how much Jesus knows you and even how important tearsare during our journey on earth.


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