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The Generosity of God

Did you wake up, take a deep breath and thank God for the air you breathed in? Have you ever thanked God for giving you air? Believe me, if there were a way to manufacture and monopolize things like air, we humans would do it. God has definitely outsmarted us when it comes to giving us air to breathe. We cannot own it, yet we need it to even stay alive one more minute. God is the one Who gives us air to breathe.

I always praise God when He gives me something like a bonus check, a book contract,or an unexpected gift. I know that all good things come from Him. But God isso much more generous than those things. I have reason to thank Him and be gratefulfor Him every day that I live. There’s the sunrise each morning. Now thatis more amazing than any Master ever painted. It is ever-changing and only offeredto those who rise and sit still long enough to witness the glory. At the endof the day (for those who don’t get up before light), He gives a secondchance to ponder His artistry as the sun sets. But that’s not all. Oncedarkness quiets the earth, His glorious light comes into view. Like sunrise andsunset, it is never the same. The ever-changing canvas filled with stars andmoon is displayed to reveal His glory and His generous thoughtfulness to revealHis mighty power to His creation. One pastor said that God overdid creation.He not only made light, but He made LIGHT extraordinaire!

James 1:17 puts it this way, Every good and perfect gift is from above, comingdown from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shiftingshadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might bea kind of firstfruits of all he created. Do you grasp this thought? Do youunderstand the generosity of God? Do you realize what this means?

I realize that I can never fathom the utter generosity of God. But I can takein what I am able to take in. Even the idea of the Father of Lights is furtherexamined by our modern exploration of space. The further we are able to penetratethe depths of space the more evidence we discover that the Father of Lights ismore awesome than one can observe with the naked eye. Still there are so manywho breathe in God’s air and stare at God’s lights and never considerthat He gave them and will one day take them away. Let’s not be among them.Let’s celebrate God’s generosity to us every day of our lives.

God’s greatest gift of generosity is the salvation He has bestowed throughthe life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. The air will evaporate,the earth and the heavens will be destroyed, but His salvation will last foreternity. Now that is a generous God!



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