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The Difference Thankfulness Makes

Do you know the difference between a THANK YOU and a thank you? I received a Thank You note from a new bride the other day that impacted my state of being. Have you ever received a thank you like that? I mean she made me feel that she was really grateful for the gift I gave her. I just looked at my husband and said I think she really liked it. Her expression of gratitude made both of us feel a little better at the end of a hard, long day.

That’s the thing with thankfulness; it is good for your soul. Whether youare the one being thanked or the one giving thanks, it has positive results.I just love it when I let someone into traffic and they give me a little wave.I feel happy and affirmed. It works both ways. When I am truly grateful for agift, it overflows into my spiritual and emotional state of being. Thankfulnessis a good thing. My soul was created for thankfulness. Isaiah 43:21 explains, Thepeople I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praise.

Thankfulness may become underappreciated when it is forced onto us. Perhaps theAmerican holiday of Thanksgiving can do that to you in a way; or, your mothernagging you to get your thank you cards written out of duty is another time thatthankfulness does not produce the same results. We’ve all gotten the compliantthank you note that has no impact but to notice the thankee was adhering to thesocial standard. But when thankfulness wells up from a genuine feeling of appreciatingsomeone or being appreciated for something, it is good for the soul.

Try out thankfulness and sees how it transforms your soul this week. Ask Godto help you see people to appreciate. I just love thanking the people who cleanup after an event. Of course it is their job, but to receive a little appreciationfrom it goes a long way. I can read it on their faces. Thank your dog for alwaysbeing there waiting for you and see how much better you feel. Develop a Spiritof Thankfulness as one of your life’s goals. That is what you were createdfor.



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