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Some of the Greatest Women I Know Were Never Mothers

I just love Mother’s Day. I have to admit that I like it a lot more since I became a mother myself. A whole day to celebrate me! I can go for that. It’s a sad fact, isn’t it? I enjoy being celebrated as a mom, but it makes me sad that there are so many wonderful women who are not celebrated on Mother’s Day.

God has not intended that every woman become a mom while she lives on this earth.Some of the most wonderful women I have ever met have not been moms. The majorityof them did not feel they had a choice in this reality, but either way they aretruly outstanding women.

I’m not against celebrating Mother’s Day, but it makes me truly sorrythat we don’t have a day just to celebrate women. I think we need a CelebratingWomen Day. There is a lot to celebrate about us.

The working title for my first book was There’s Nothing Like A Woman.I received the inspiration from a Country and Western Song. The Country and Westernsong was written from a man’s perspective, but I think a song can be writtenfrom a woman’s perspective too. Truly there has been nothing like a womanto help me become the woman I am today. Beginning with my mother, sisters, teachers,aunts, mentors, girlfriends; the women in my life are incredible.

God was so wise in creating a woman soon after the creation of man. Though theman didn’t know it yet, creation was not right without a woman. In fact,the only time that God said that His creation was not good was when there wasno woman in it (Genesis 2:18).

Women bear the image of God in a unique and delightful way. Genesis 1:27 makesthe point clearly, So God created man in his own image, in the image of Godhe created him; male and female He created them. C.S. Lewis says that itrequires seeing both feminine and masculine traits to fully understand God. Womenreveal the more emotional, relational and nurturing ways in which we are madein God’s image. We show God’s stubborn love and willingness to forgiveand hope for the best in others. We are all about intimacy and friendship andcommunication.

I not only want to wish the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day, but Iwant to wish all women, especially the ones who are not moms, a Happy Woman’sDay. You make this world a better place. You bring the unique view of God’slove through the experiences of a woman to those who share your world.

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