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Jesus came to save us from sin and death and so much more. William of Saint Thierry wrote: “For us to serve you is nothing else but to be saved by you. ” When I read it, I realized how true this statement is in my life. My salvation is not fully experienced here on earth unless I am loving and serving God. When I serve Him, I am being saved from my own inclinations. Serving God saves me in a deeper way.

This definitely happens on every mission trip I have ever experienced. The divine economy is always played out. I come with my affluence and knowledge of Scripture to poor souls who need what I bring. It is only in bringing what I think I have that I realize that it is nothing compared to what they have to give to me. And they don’t stop giving. When I put it in proportion to my capabilities, it is sobering.

God saves me from wasted time when I am caught up in obsessive thoughts that produce anger, worry or selfishness. He does this by exposing how I am only hurting myself and inviting me to trust in Him and receive a peace that passes understanding about all the subjects that beset me.

He is my very present help in times of trouble, just as He promises. “But I will sing of Your strength, in the morning I will sing of Your love; for You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble” (Psalm 59:16.)

I love Him for this, and He saves me from feeling hopeless despair in times of trouble. I walk through trouble with strength from His love. I have a refuge in Him through my troubles.

My relationships are saved as I obey His word. Often the directions He gives about solving relationship problems go against my core desires to be right, to be respected, to be honored. He asks me to do everything I do in love, especially for my enemies. I may set boundaries, but I set them in love with Christ as my example.

If I did not at least half-way attempt to serve God each day, my life would be a total wreck. Obeying God is my salvation from a meaningless waste of my life.

God is the giver of life. He has given me full charge over only one life—that is my life. I am not responsible for my children’s choices in life, or my husband’s or the lives of those I disciple. I am not responsible for your life. I am only responsible for my life and how I obey God. It is the same for you.

I not only need to be saved for eternity, I need to be saved for my lifetime. I am saved from sin during my years on earth by following God. I hope you know your own salvation in this same way. I hope that you are able to look to all the ways God saves you each day. You can begin today. Look for the ways God saves you from wasting your life.


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