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Next Year in Jerusalem

It's Tea Time for Your Soul from Jerusalem. I am literally writing to you from Zion. I'm fighting internet connections and the clock to fulfill my weekly commitment to share a spiritual thought God has given me that week.

Spending one week in Israel has given me more spiritual lessons than I could ever write. I tried to blog each day (soulsistertime.blogspot.com), but it is so difficult to put into words what I am learning about God's love by coming here--not to mention the internet challenges.

I've thought about Moses quite a bit, especially yesterday when we were recommitting our baptism vows at the Jordan River. Moses never came here while he was a live, but he spent his whole life leading people here. That is not a bad life!

We stood at the place that Joshua led the Israelites out of slavery and into this land of milk and honey. It is the same place that Jesus began His ministry by being baptized by John. Through Jesus' life, death and resurrection, those who believe in Him are led into the promises of God and eternal life.
This is the best way to come to Israel. Beginning in the desert strengthens you and gives you what you need to fully enter the land of promise. You've got to know that the Israelites had finally put their trust in God's promises as they passed through the Jordan and conquered Jericho. Though the land just over the ridge is lush and beautiful, when you first come through it is arid and dry.

Immediately after his baptism, the Holy Spirit led Jesus to the desert. Making my decision to come to Jerusalem at this time was a desert experience for me. What I have discovered is that the desert is a rich and beautiful place. The vast, barren wasteland is all you see at first. If the Holy Spirit leads you here, it means that He will show you the rich beauty and strength that a desert experience will grant to a soul.

If the Holy Spirit ever leads you here, be prepared to realize His glory manifesting in you in a richer and fuller way.


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