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My Spiritual Epiphany

I consider my salvation experience to be a spiritual epiphany.  I was only seven years old, and I had heard the gospel on numerous occasions.  I knew there was something I was supposed to do that I hadn't yet because in my church I was not permitted to partake in communion or be baptized until I did something.  I knew there was something expected of me, but I didn't quite understand what it was.  That was until that day I sat in that Children's Evangelism Conference with Uncle Bill.  For some reason that day it was like a light bulb went off and I grasped the fact that although I had not done all that many horrible things in my seven years of living, I was a sinner.  The fact that I was a sinner meant that I needed Christ to redeem me.  I got it.
Just the other day, at the end of exercising of all things, I had a spiritualepiphany that I wanted to share with you.  There is a statement I have taughton many occasions.  In the context of teaching Genesis or other times Imight say:   I don't know why God didn't just destroy the worldafter Adam and Eve sinned and just start all over, I know I would have wantedto do that.  Right there as I lay on the ground covered in sweat, restingfrom my last push-up; it hit me.  God needed to let this whole thing playout even after Adam and Eve sinned.  His plan was to send me and the restof us into the world through Adam and Eve.  If He had just destroyed them,He would have been destroying me too and He didn't want to do that to them orto me.  He wanted to give me the opportunity He gave them to accept Himor reject Him.  The only difference between us is that they knew perfectrelationship with God and a sinless world and I don't. 
Now I might expect God to unlock a mystery of His love for me when I am in themidst of Bible study or praying.  He chose to tell me this right in themiddle of my daily life.  It may not be that big of a deal to you.  Perhapsyou have known all along why God cannot just abandon His plans for the UniverseHe spoke into being.  For me it was exciting and energizing.  I sensedGod's love for this ruined creation in a new way.  I consider that His lovefor us in spite of the hard things we must face is more than I can imagine.  Hecan't get rid of the sin without first giving each of us a chance to choose Him.  Wereally do have a similar plight to Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve had thattree available to them every day of their life in the garden.  How manydays it was that they trusted God and didn't even consider going for its fruit,we don't know.  Each day they passed it by, they were choosing God.  Itwas only on that awful day that they disobeyed Him that the world in its perfectionbegan to unravel. 
God gave Adam and Eve a second chance to choose to trust Him, and He does thesame for you and me.  The fact that this world keeps on spinning in spiteof all the corruption inside of it is evidence of God's passion to bring us backin to relationship with Him.  I Corinthians 15:21-22 says, "For sincedeath came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man."  Foras in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.  God didn't destroythe world after Adam and Eve sinned because He didn't want to destroy any humanswho would choose Him over the Deceiver.  What a wonderful reason to letthis world go on in spite of its corruption!


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