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Love Debt

I really don’t like debt. I don’t think anyone likes to be in debt. In this economy everyone is tying to get out of debt. Although I make every effort to avoid debt, there is one debt that I accept and even celebrate. My debt of love does not discourage me albeit the reality that I will never be able to repay it.

God’s advice on debt comes from Romans 13:8, “Let no debt remainoutstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loveshis fellowman has fulfilled the law.” God is an awesome love economist.This is a brilliant answer to the vast debt of love that exists in this world.Why has God allowed all of us to go into so much debt of love to Him? So thatwe will remain forever indebted to Him and hopefully try to pay a fraction ofour debt of love we owe Him by loving the ones He loves. Our world was bankruptedof love by sin and it is in desperate need of God’s love. Not everyoneis ready to see or accept God’s love, but when they see one of His childrenacting in an irrational way of love, it makes them take notice and wonder aboutthe reality of God. Our actions of love to others point to the reality of God’slove in our lives. There is nothing that pleases God more than when we love othersout of a heart that has been fully loved by Him.

Even though I can never get out of the debt I owe to God for the love He hasgiven to me, it is important that I make payments daily. The payment He wantsis how I treat other people. God wants me to work on my love debt to Him whiletaking in the reality that it can never be paid off. These two thoughts helpme see how great His love is for me and that I can make efforts to show my gratefulnessfor the love I have received.

I love being indebted to God. It is the only debt that I know will always remainoutstanding. I love looking at my account and realizing all the ways God lovesme. I want to be more conscious of keeping an account of how well I have sharedHis love with the others He loves in this world. I want to keep my eye on myaccount of the debt of love I owe God and make payments back to Him as oftenas I am able.

I asked you to pray for 12 year old Maggie Lee Henson when she was in the hospital.On August 2nd she went to heaven for her complete healing. Now her friends havepetitioned those who prayed for her to offer 2300 acts of service and love beforethe New Year. The idea is to complete the task Maggie Lee and her youth groupwas unable to do on earth when headed to a week of serving the community. Ifyou would like to dedicate an action of love to others because of the love youhave received from God in honor of Maggie Lee, please write me about your actionof love and the results and I will post it on the Facebook page Praying for FirstBaptist Church Shreveport, LA.



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