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Learning from the Holy Spirit

Returning from a mission trip, I’m more aware of the work of the Holy Spirit. I love the way the Holy Spirit works in my life. I’m always a little bit surprised and can never get used to the way He works. I love considering the intimate and personal connection God has been able to make with me because of my faith in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

What stands out to me from my recent trip was when the Holy Spirit wanted order and quiet in a meeting I was leading. I am not easily distracted by what is going on in the room when I am speaking. I speak to adults and if they want to listen, they will listen; but they are free to leave and do whatever they need to do. When I was teaching about Jesus and what it means to be a sinner, there was a conversation going on in the back of the room. I usually don’t have trouble staying focused and sharing what I feel God has led me to share no matter what is happening in the room. I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit taking away my thoughts. I had to completely stop and ask for quiet in the back. After I did, I could go on. It was distinctively a spiritual experience. It left me in wonder about God. It seemed clear to me that the Holy Spirit wanted everyone to be quiet and listen. I may never know what actually happened in that moment. I didn’t get a chance to talk to the women one-on-one after that meeting. I do know that God is a great God, and He can bring the order that He wants. He knows better than I what is needed for each meeting.

The patience of the Holy Spirit astounds me too. For several days I got the same message in my daily devotions. The Holy Spirit kept highlighting the same type of words: disaster, loss, hardship. I didn’t want to accept that God was telling me to alter a decision I had made. I couldn’t believe that God would care to direct my life so intimately. The only thing I felt the warning could refer to was that I was asking too much of myself before my big mission trip. My close friend couldn’t believe I had even considered the project. The Holy Spirit seemed to be clearly telling me that if I continued in the direction I was going, God would not leave me, but it could lead to a disaster. I finally listened to the Holy Spirit and postponed a major project until after my trip. I’m so glad I did. I feel so blessed that God cares enough to guide me so personally.

The Holy Spirit is always a gentleman. He never pushes me to obey; He only invites me to let Him guide my personal decisions.

I love the way the Holy Spirit is quiet too. Sometimes I am just sitting there begging Him to show me what to think or what to do and hear nothing. Absolutely nothing! That’s the time He wants greater faith. He is asking me to believe in His goodness from the depth of my soul. He wants me to think back to all the other times He has shown me what to do and how to think and follow that instruction while I am waiting for something new.

The Holy Spirit is mysterious, wonderful, powerful and comforting. I’m looking forward to how He will surprise me next. I’m so glad that Jesus gave me this gift. I’m amazed by the miracle that the Holy Spirit actually lives in me every day, even when He is silent. In John 14:17-18 Jesus told us:

…the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

How has the Holy Spirit personally touched you lately?


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