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Jesus Reveals Himself

When the pastor said that the NIV doesn’t explain clearly what is written in the Greek in John 21:1, “it sent my mind reeling into the reality of the many ways Jesus reveals Himself.” The NIV translates, “It happened this way, which is not complete enough.” The Greek explanation further attests, “Jesus revealed Himself in this way.” The sermon went on to point out that the way Jesus revealed Himself in John 21 after His resurrection was in the normal everyday experiences of life. He didn’t perform some great miracle that children’s Sunday School classes are recounting. It happened in the ordinary. Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples as a simple bystander suggesting a good fishing spot. John was the first one to become aware of Jesus’ presence after the fishing spot turned out to be a bonanza. After they became aware of Jesus, they were blessed with a delicious breakfast cooked by Him and Peter received some much needed one-on-one time with His Savior reconciling their relationship after Peter’s betrayal.

Ordinary, maybe, but there is nothing ordinary about Jesus’ rising from the dead and showing up from time to time in unexpected places. If Jesus showed up at my next fishing trip, I think it would take the ordinary into the extraordinary. It is thoroughly amazing that Jesus reveals Himself to us at all. Do you realize that Jesus’ revealing Himself to you was the first miracle that happened in your life? Do you realize what an extraordinary reality that was?

I heard Don Piper, who wrote the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, speak about his miraculous recovery from death to life. One of the subjects he spoke about was miracles. Obviously he experienced a rare reality. He literally came back to life after spending 90 minutes in heaven. His life and ministry are a miracle. Once a small church minister, now a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, his life-after-death experience draws crowds who long to know someone who has been blessed by the touch of God in such a powerful way. When he spoke about miracles, he talked about the miracles that he sees every day in his new ministry. There are hundreds putting their faith in Jesus Christ. He sees these people experience in the spirit something even more miraculous than he experienced in the flesh.

I don’t think I appreciate the miracle of my own conversion as special until I ponder the outrageous numbers of people who live on the earth the same time as I do who do not receive the miracle of salvation. I don’t know how I could be so blessed to receive so great a salvation. Why did I come to faith at such a young age? How did I get born to believers who took me to church?

Jesus may reveal Himself in the ordinary, but it is extraordinary that He reveals Himself at all. How many turn away from Him when He is drawing them to Himself? How many ignore His loving presence and promise of salvation?

We are blessed by a Savior who longs to be so personal and present in our daily lives. We need His help to even open our hearts, minds and spirits to His revelation of Himself. The best place to start is to read His word every day. Find out what you can see of Jesus, then look into the people you meet today and the wonders of nature you see. How is Jesus miraculously revealing Himself to you?


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