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Jesus is the Bread of Life

Hunger is a strong physical drive. Just before I sat down to write today's devotional, I stopped by my kitchen to get a snack to curb my hunger pains. It would have been more difficult for me to concentrate on the words God wants me to write if I were still hungry. Just now I feel satisfied in my stomach, and I can think of more important things.

God designed our bodies this way. We were created to need regular nutrition to fuel our bodies correctly. As we mature from infants, we don't require round the clock feedings, still our need for food on a regular basis is important to our health. Regular nourishment is important to our spiritual health too.

Jesus is the bread of life, and He explains that if we eat of Him that we will not die. (John 6:51) It is easy to identify when our stomachs are hungry. We are well acquainted with the feeling. Our souls are hungry for the bread of life found in Jesus who was sent down from heaven to us just like manna to the young nation of Israel. Yet, many times our spiritual hunger is numbed by the cares of this world.

Jesus told His followers that they must eat of Him to live forever. In John 5:51 Jesus was very adamant when He said, I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world. This teaching ignited the anger of the Jews who argued about how they could eat of His flesh. Their contentions did not dissuade Jesus from claiming that truth. You too need the bread of life, whether you understand it or not.

It was during the final Passover meal Jesus enjoyed with His disciples that He showed us anew how important it is to our souls that we partake of Jesus. Jesus gave new meaning to the bread and the wine that was served at the Passover when He took His cup and said it was His blood that was shed for us and dipped His bread into the wine stating that it represented His body that was sacrificed as payment for our souls. He asked us to do this regularly and do it always in memory of Him. He also told us that He would never again drink the cup or take the bread until we are united with Him in heaven.

Are you aware of your own soul's hunger for the bread of Life? Jesus has created a hunger for Himself inside of you. It starves to be satisfied by Jesus Who has become the bread of life, the nourishing sustaining power behind your very being.

Do you try to get satisfaction for your hunger by getting people to like you, making lots of money, or focusing on pleasure? It will never satisfy you. The only satisfaction for your spiritual hunger is in Jesus the bread of life.

Ponder Jesus as the bread of life and consider how in touch you are to the hunger in your soul. I encourage you to take a couple moments right now, close your eyes, and imagine what it means to be satisfied in Jesus the Bread of Life.



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