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It Will Be Good for That Servant

As I read my devotions today, I was stirred by Jesus’ words in Luke 12:43, It will be good for that servant whom the master finds doing so when he returns.  I stopped and pondered, what does Jesus have in mind for the servant who is busily laboring on kingdom work?  I just sense that this statement is loaded with unseen meanings.  I think the words it will be good are an understatement for what Jesus has in mind for servants who spend their days focused on His return.
One of God's finest servants made his way to heaven recently.  His namewas Dale Jones and he was a friend, coworker in ministry and focused servant.  WhenI first heard of his accident, I thought of all the Christian ministries thatdepended on his gifts and talents.  We weren't sure if God would leave himon earth to continue his service, or if He was planning to take him to heavenas there was over a week that he was not conscious, but still alive.  Duringthis time I reminded God of all the good he was doing down here and all the servicehe was still capable of completing for His kingdom.  I also knew that Daleloved God so much that going home to heaven would be a reward that we could notimagine. 
The day of Dale's accident, he had no forewarning that this was the last timehe would talk to his wife, the last minutes he had to enjoy with his family.  Hewouldn't be able to complete the projects he set out to do for God's glory.  Hehad no forewarning, but he was ready.  He had offered his life for God'sservice.  He had been living as if he were watching for Jesus’ coming.  Hewanted to be a servant that Jesus found busy about the kingdom.  His desireto serve God was fueled by his deep understanding that his salvation was a freegift.  He would want it to be clear that he did not serve God to receivehis salvation, but he served God because he wanted to show his gratitude forthe salvation God had given him.
I just can't help but celebrate that it is going to be good for Dale now thathe has arrived in heaven.  I don’t know the exact details of the goodthat Dale is enjoying, but I know that the way Dale lived his life is makingit possible for Jesus to be good to him in heaven. 
Dale's life inspires me to stay focused on being God's servant every day of mylife.  I want to leave this earth knowing that I was the kind of servantthat Jesus could be proud of.  I was the kind of servant that He can dogood to.  I can receive all the good that Jesus wants to give to me.
Jesus hinted that it will be good in heaven for those who serve Him while livingon earth, but He also points out that it won't be so great for those who knowGod's will and don’t do it.  What kind of servant have you been today?


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