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It's The Little Things

There is a moment in every week that makes a stronger spiritual impression on me than all the others. I can look back and count on at least one moment, or experience that connected me to God’s love for me in a powerful way. Most often, it’s a moment when a passage of scripture speaks to me about what is troubling me, about what I’ve just been obsessing over.

This week, the most spiritually significant moment was when a friend volunteereda favor in an email. I don’t know what that moment was like for her; Ido know that for me that moment felt like God’s love poured out all overmy soul.

Just like you, I’m a busy person. I wait for the summer months for thingsto slow down a bit and they do, yet still speed up in other ways. That day Icould see on the horizon a weekend of fancy scheduling to meet my commitments.I didn’t have it all figured out quite yet, just a determination that Iwould see it got done. Before I had time to reach a fretful state, a friend offereda simple gesture. It was as if she saw into my heart and met a need I wasn’teven fully aware of.

You would think I would have grabbed on to her lifeline and accepted it as God’sgift, but that was not my first response. My first response was, How canI allow her to do that for me when she has so much on her plate? Yet, thetimeliness of the offer seemed to beckon me to consider it. I took a deep breath,set aside my self-inflicted guilt and received her generous offer of help. Shewas happy to do it.

As the weekend played out, other things were lightened on my load by my husband,as well as, my over expectation of how long some things would take me. I foundmyself feeling a little guilty because I could have actually handled my fullload and not asked my friend to fulfill the favor she offered, but it wouldn’thave been a spiritually significant moment if I had.

What makes that simple interchange between a kind friend, me and God is thatit happened. I didn’t talk in detail to my friend about all these thoughtsI shared with you. I don’t know what prompted her to consider offeringto do me this favor. I do know that the Maker of the Universe was involved. Iknow He wanted me to get from this simple experience that He knows my needs,just like He knows what the ravens need. (Luke 12:24). He wanted me to humblemyself and accept that I wasn’t designed to do it all on my own (Philippians2:3). He wanted to teach me that there is beauty in friendship (Ecclesiastes4:9-10). He wanted to remind me that He is a part of everything, even the littlethings that happen in my life (If anyone serves, he should do it with thestrength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through JesusChrist. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever Amen. 1 Peter4:11). And one more thing, He wanted me to encourage you to consider a specialmoment each week when you sense a very special spiritual connection to Him.



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