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Romans 11:29 says, “…for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable”. I really needed to hear this word from God today. It is so comforting to know that God’s gifts and call are irrevocable. There is so much that can be taken away from you in this world. So many in our day have lost jobs, marriages, hopes that they counted on; it’s nice to know that there is something that is irrevocable.

It’s not that God’s creation and people don’t behave in waysthat would reasonably permit His gifts and call to be revoked. This scriptureis taken from Paul’s discussion on the spiritual fate of the disobedientJewish nation. All you have to do is read half of the Old Testament before youtotally get that God is a compassionate and loving God and why all the earthshattering and fire and brimstone were necessary. In fact, you wonder how Godcould be so patient and loving and continually forgiving of such an obstinatepeople.

God has the power to revoke any and all gifts and calls, but He chooses to behaveirrevocably in spite of our revocable behavior. I appreciated this word thisweek because I had been less than responsive to God’s call and gifts whenI read this passage. It wasn’t a firm decision I made, rather subtle decisionsthat turned into a reality of ignoring God’s presence, call, or gifts inmy life. I wouldn’t say that I made a decision to reject God’s callor gifts. You couldn’t see it from looking at me. I was still going aboutmy life within the boundaries of “good Christian girl” living, butI slowly lost touch with the love of God. I was more set on the problems of mylife and how to solve them myself. I was about the dreams I had and the way Iwanted things to be. I was back to living my will, my way, for my purposes.

Then I came upon this gem of scripture and the reality stunned me. God knew thatI wasn’t paying attention to Him. He grieved that I was so anxious andself-focused, yet He gave me a glimpse into His character to call me back, ratherthan using condemnation. That is the work of an irrevocable God.

All the cancellations, rescinding, repealing and invalidating that goes on inthis world are not in keeping with the character of God. Revoking of promisesis a result of sin. Even though God did grieve over making man by Genesis 6:6,He is not a God to revoke His creation. He never will, never would. Never.

I like the sound of the word irrevocable. It is strong and stable and constant.It speaks of character that I can trust. I too want to be irrevocable. I don’twant to take back my promises or not fulfill my gifts or call. With God’shelp, I can. But even when I fail, God’s call and gift will remain irrevocableforever. What a great God we can know, love, and serve.

Have you had moments or long periods of your life when you were running fromGod? How did He prove Himself irrevocable to you?



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