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How Eager Are You?

What makes you eager: a trip coming up, a special reunion, a birthday celebration? Are you eager for your total transformation?

I felt a little humbled when I read Romans 8:19, The creation waits in eagerexpectation for the sons of God to be revealed. The whole creation is eagerand waiting. And for what? For humans to be revealed as children of God! Mostof the time I am neither eager nor waiting. Most of the time I’m just focusingon what is on my to-do list today and if I can get it done. There’s noeagerness or waiting about it. Sometimes it’s drudgery or worry, othertimes confidence and pleasure. I could learn a lesson from creation about eagerwaiting.

Creation may not have a to-do list like I do, but creation is busy doing whatit does—spouting out of the ground, lighting up the universe, spreadingdew around the world. It does its duty and at the same time it is eager and waiting.I recognize this eager waiting more in my dog Aggie than I do in my own life.We left him home alone (with a neighbor to look in on him) for three days. Theminute we opened the door his eager waiting for our return was expressed by hisoverexuberant response. I got the sense that ever since we left he was waitingeagerly for our return and his return to normal.

I’ve never forgotten the lyrics of a praise song that I learned at a conference.One phrase goes, Ain’t no rock gonna take my place, as long as I havebreath, gonna praise the Lord. Ain’t no branch gonna wave its branches,as long as I have breath gonna praise the Lord. I can’t defend thegrammar used in this song, but it does express a solid Biblical truth that Jesustold us in Luke 19:40. If people don’t praise Him the stones will cry out.Creation waits in eager expectation.

If creation is waiting in eager expectation, shouldn’t we? Shouldn’twe be going about our everyday life with a great big sense of eagerness mixedwith patient waiting? We are the ones who are going to be revealed as God’schildren after all.

I decided to learn a lesson from creation and I’ve been reminded by payingmore attention to creation. I’ve noticed the trees, birds, sunsets andsunrises more. I let my mind consider what they know. I don’t know howa mosquito knows that one day I will be revealed as the daughter of God, butI trust that it can’t wait until it can stop annoying people and animalsby sucking out their blood. Thinking about the creation waiting in eager expectationhas caused me to wait with eagerness too. It brings a lot more meaning and enjoymentto my to-do list too. Why not try learning a spiritual lesson from creation?


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