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How Does He Do That?

I witnessed the power of God to make us righteous in a fresh way recently. I was in a room surrounded by women seeking to know Jesus when the message of the gospel rang clear in their ears and they prayed to receive Christ as their personal Savior. What a reality. So many women in one small room where I sat were radically transformed by their decision to receive God’s love in their hearts. I’m sure they don’t know and I know that I don’t comprehend in entirety what actually transpires in our beings when we make that one decision. But sitting among the love of God being poured out and received by so many stirred me to consider the utter irrationality of it all and delight in the Divine rationale. God is clear that His thoughts are so much greater than our thoughts, but He seems to invite us to ask our questions and open our minds to His reasoning anyway.

Hebrews 12:23 describes what happens when we accept Jesus Christ’s freegift of salvation this way: To the church of the firstborn, whose names arewritten in heaven. You have come to God, the judge of all men, to the spritsof righteous men made perfect. I like that. I believe that, but I don’tnecessarily understand it.

It’s like Jesus gives us a Spiritual Shower that somehow penetrates andcleanses every cell in our body and every part of our soul. He transforms allthe sin that we know about and even more sin than our minds are spiritually sensitiveenough to acknowledge, and He makes us righteous.

I am not perfect, although some people try to make me that way—the oneswho don’t know me very well. But that does not disqualify me from servingHim and being used by Him. He has somehow made provision for that, too, as apart of this Divine transformation that has taken place.

What wonder? What glory? Perhaps we don’t really ponder this more becauseit is so hard to wrap our finite minds around the splendor of our personal salvation.I love to be around new Christians. They are so full of the Spirit that theydo not understand, they just start bubbling over in the wonder of His love. Buttoo quickly we move away from what we don’t understand and get caught upin all the junk about us that we do understand.

So far pondering my salvation has not found its conclusion; it’s only broughtme to ask the question, How does He do that? which leads to the question, Whydoes He do that? which leaves me feeling extremely fortunate, because I’venever found an answer except for His great love.

I agree with the question of the writer of Hebrews asks when He asks, Howshall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation (Hebrews 2:3)? I don’tthink there is another way to escape, and I’m pretty amazed by the wayI’ve learned I can.


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