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How Can You Heal?

This is a question I have been asking a lot this weekend. Three of the four in our household came down with different viruses. Ben had a twenty-four hour bug, Rachel got the full-fledged flu and I had the worst sore throat virus I have ever had in my life. We needed a sign that said Quarantined to put across our front door. All I wanted was healing.
I called the doctor and he prescribed a decongestant to stop the drainage onmy sore throat, but since it was viral he was not much more help. It just gotworse. So, I got on the Internet and started looking up places that gave homeremedies. It was there that I got some great ideas: gargle with warm salt water,take ibuprofen instead of Tylenol. I even took to wearing a scarf around my neckto sweat it out.  I'm not sure if wearing the scarf had any healing qualities,but it did provide comfort to my sore throat. I started healing.
I've been in that same place, only needing spiritual healing. I wake up in afunk thinking my life is meaningless and I'm doing everything wrong. I call outto God. I expect Him to zap me or something. I just want to lay there until Hemakes all my problems go away and fixes me. He doesn't work that way. I lovewhat He said to the blind man who asked Him for healing in Luke 18:42: Jesussaid to him, Receive your sight; your faith has healed you. 
When I first read that statement, I wanted to argue with Jesus. Jesus, you healedhim. But, Jesus speaks the truth. The blind man’s faith healed him. Itwasn't just a faith he experienced at that moment; it was his whole lifetimeof faith that produced the healing.  You receive glimpses into his faithfrom this little bit of scripture that tells his story. Rather than cursing Godand dying because of his blind condition, he was out there doing the best hecould with his life. He was a beggar, but he was an active beggar;  he waspart of his community. He wasn't passive, but involved. When he could sense somecommotion going on in town, he couldn't tell what was happening with his eyes,so he asked and was told that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. Then his faithsoared as he began to shout to Jesus in wild excitement, Jesus, Son of David,have mercy on me. Subtly you see his faith was greater than those who toldhim of Jesus’ presence; they just called Him Jesus of Nazareth, but thisman called Him the Messiah. When Jesus asked him to come near and questioned, Whatdo you want me to do for you? He faithfully replied, Lord, I want tosee. 
Are you in need of spiritual healing today? Has your spiritual life been a littleunder the weather? You do the right thing to call out to God, but God gives youfaith that will heal you. You must begin to act on that faith. You need to believethat He will walk you through that illness, those bills, that broken relationship.The moment you believe in God again is the moment your healing begins. God wantsto heal you, but He won't heal you if you don't act on the faith He gives. It’syour faith that heals you.


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