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Got Light?

I had never thought about it before. All my life, every time I heard the first words spoken about creation, “Let there be light,” I imagined light that you can see. It wasn’t until a Bible study teacher challenged that thought by questioning what the light literally was, since the sun, moon and stars were not created until the fourth day, that I started to wonder. I have to confess I really never thought about it. I accepted the light called day being there as it has been every moment of my existence on earth. When it is day, there is light. I didn’t think of the sun, just of the light.

What did God create on that first day of creation when He said, “Let therebe light”? Something called light entered and altered the dark, formless,empty surface of water where the Holy Spirit hovered. Is it possible to havephysical light without a source of light like the sun, moon or stars? Could thelight God created that day be seen?

The light changed the universe; there was now a way to denote time. Light wascalled day, and darkness was called night. That was the first day. Now the dark,formless, empty, water-filled region known to God as the universe had its firstmeasure of order. The universe was beginning to have a purpose. It be convertedinto a place of light and darkness, formed, full, and regional—land, seaand sky.

Light resulted in the beginning of time. It marked the beginning of the daysof our lives.

Jesus, too, is the light sent by God to transform the universe. Isaiah describedJesus as the spiritual light that came into the darkness. In fact, he even toldto what cities Jesus would spread His light first. Matthew 4:16 quotes Isaiah9:1-2 as the reason Jesus began preaching repentance in Capernaum, near Zebulunand Naphtali. Matthew 4:16 says, “The people living in darkness have seena great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light hasdawned.”Jesus is the light that dawned at the recreation of the universe. He brings light,form, and fullness and broadens the spiritual regions of our existence. Whenwe come into Jesus’ light we are restored for eternity. When Jesus diedand rose again, the Holy Spirit was able to come and actually live in our spirits.The light of Christ is like alchemy for the soul—He fills our spirits,like light filled the world on that first day. Light is physical, but it is alsospiritual. Light is illumination of the mind as much as of the effect of physicaldarkness.

When God said, “Let there be light” He was offering the world moreof Himself. When Isaiah foretold that people living in darkness were given anew light that dawned, God offered more of Himself to reform the universe withJesus’ light.

Let there be light in my spirit. I ask God to enlighten my mind every day sothat I can see the ways He wants to form me into Christ. God is the author, creatorand sustainer of all light in this universe. I’m so glad He brought lightto my life.

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