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Good Things?

Do you ever wonder what God could be thinking when He promises us good things? I just grabbed my Webster’s Dictionary to make sure there is agreement on the term good. Webster’s defines good as better, best, having proper qualities, beneficial, of moral excellence, enjoyable, happy, considerable, worth or virtue, benefit. That’s what I thought.

If we are really going to progress on the spiritual journey, we need to learnhow to let go of our own definitions of good. For instance, I think of good asif God would answer every prayer I pray with a sincere faith and for the benefitof others with a definite yes. It’s doesn’t always happen. Some wouldsay that I prayed wrong, or didn’t have enough faith, but I think God’s"No's" are always good.

For the most part, we would all adhere to the world’s definition of good.God’s definition requires spiritual maturity. It takes a lot of faith tobelieve that a premature death is good. Humanly speaking, it just seems so muchbetter to demonstrate God’s goodness to bring someone out of their deathbedto praise God. Jesus even waited for Lazarus to die before He went to see himand his family because that was God’s good plan (John 11:4).

It’s only when we stop evaluating what is good that God allows in our livesand accept that all of it is working for our good that we are free to fully enterinto God’s goodness. Romans 8:28 is a verse that we must claim for everythingthat happens in our lives. And we know that in all things God works for thegood of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Wemay not be able to see the good from the things going on in our lives, but wecan know that there is some good God can bring out of it.

Is there something that is puzzling you about God’s goodness today? Don’tmake the mistake that Adam and Eve did when they doubted God’s goodness.Know that this awful thing can still be used for good in your life. Consent toHis plan and trust that He knows what He is doing in allowing it. You will findpeace.


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