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God Teaches Us How to Know Him

Most people know about Moses from the Old Testament. He is one of the most famous Biblical characters in the secular world. Moses is almost bigger than life centuries after he walked on this earth. But Moses is really no different from you and me and there is something about his story that we can all experience.

What Moses is most known for is the parting of the Red Sea. I think a lot ofus dream of spiritual experiences along those lines. We are most impressed bythe incredible. The truth is that the majority of us will never experience aspiritual reality on the level of parting the Red Sea.

All of us can have a similar experience to what Moses had at the burning bush.Moses was just like most of us when he had his burning bush experience. He wasmaking life work his way. He found himself far from the life he knew as a princein Pharaoh’s household, and even more removed from the Jewish heritagehe knew as a young boy. He was living his life without conscious thought of God.

But God was thinking about Moses. God is the one who shows us Who He is. 1 John4:10 says, This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us andsent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. One day, while Moseswas busy living his life, he had an encounter with the Living God that changedhis life. He saw a bush in the distance that burned without being consumed. Thismade him wonder. Moses was wondering why a bush that was burning did not burnup; he was not wondering about God. Yet, when he walked over to check out thebush; he heard God’s voice calling his name, Moses! Moses! (Exodus3:4).

I doubt that in your lifetime you will see a bush that burns without being consumed,but I know that if you listen you will hear God calling your name. He doesn’tgive up on any one of us. I know that I have heard him calling many a time whenI, like Moses, was not really looking for Him. He looked for me anyway. One memorabletime in my youth was when at 15. I went to a Christian camp to see the cute boysI had met a couple years earlier. What I discovered was that what I really wantedwas a deeper relationship with God. I guess I could call that my burning bushexperience. Just like Moses I was focused on what I thought life was about, andGod surprised me by showing me that there was so much more.

Moses had no idea what to do next after God called his name. Not knowing whatelse to do, he simply said, Here I am (Exodus 3:4). God is the one whotold him what to do. He told him not to come closer, but to take off his sandalsand recognize the reality that he was standing on holy ground. When I heard Godcalling me, He gave me instruction too. He taught me to read His Word just alittle every day. I have been doing that for the three decades since.

Listen to His call and He will give you the instruction you need to know Him.

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