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God Really Does Know What He Is Doing

I must say that this week has been one of overwhelming surprises from God. It’s not that God meant them as surprises. He promised to give me wisdom, provide all my needs, guide me to His will. It’s me who didn’t really believe that He would do all that He said He would for me!

Jesus told us, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well" (Matthew 6:33). Why is it that even though I know this promise, I don’t trust God to do it? Why don’t I walk in faith? Why do I give into worry? What is it about me that doubts that God will be there for me, that He will give me the strength, wisdom and guidance I need?

It doesn’t take too much of living here on earth until we get used to people letting us down. They may not do it on purpose, but they just can’t be counted on. Before long, we start feeling that same away about God. When He doesn’t make our problems go away, or He tolerates the evil of awful people way too long, we think He is just like every other person in our lives. We don’t believe He is there for us unfailingly. Each time we try to get our needs met on our own, we doubt God’s goodness to us. I don’t really believe God will give me everything I need because I have been discouraged by my misunderstanding of God’s provisions.

Jesus told us to think about God’s kingdom and forget about what we want. We naturally do totally the opposite. It comes logically for us to seek first all these things. We never consider whether we are following God’s best. Many times we don’t think He wants to be consulted on the things we can do for ourselves. We focus our lives on our needs, our wants, our desires first and hope to have time for His kingdom too. Jesus says, if you have things you need, stop seeking after them. Indeed, forget that you need them. Seek God’s kingdom. Look for the ways that you can be a servant of God. Then be surprised by the amazing ways he meets your needs.

What it took for me to stop seeking my own needs, rather seek God’s kingdom was the overwhelming reality that there was no way one earth that I could meet my own needs. I did not have enough wisdom to figure out my problems. I didn’t have enough strength to get all that I needed to get done completed. I stopped worrying about what I couldn’t do, and kept my focus on what God’s work was. That’s when the surprises came flooding into my life. I realized that God really does know what He is doing!

Now why didn’t I believe that in the first place, before I could really see it? I don’t believe God is who He says He is and that He loves me the way He says He does. If I really believed that I am a part of His Kingdom and that He has made me righteous through Christ then I would see that I already have everything I really need. Are you focusing on the Kingdom of God and Jesus’ righteousness rather than your needs?

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