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Free To Let Go

In America on the 4th of July we celebrate our freedom. Freedom is something we value highly in this country. How do you really become free? How do you make sure you stay free?

It has taken a lot of effort for us to remain free for the past 230 years of American history. We are constantly working at protecting our freedom. It’s the same with true spiritual freedom. Over 2000 years ago the potential for our spiritual freedom was won on a hard wooden cross. Everyone who believes on the name of Jesus Christ has been set free. John 8:36 explains real freedom, So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. It’s possible that not everyone reading this lives in a free country, but they are still spiritually free if they know the Son.

What does spiritual freedom feel like? How does it look? The only way to truly experience freedom is when you break free from all attachments to this earth. Breaking attachments is the only path to freedom. America fought for independence from England and you must fight for the independence from this world and the grasp it has over you. You cannot fully experience freedom until you become independent of this world and dependent on the world beyond.

And that is why most of us live as prisoners in this world. The Son has set us free, but we have not become free indeed. Instead we become prisoners to food, things, beauty, and possessions. Our high debt is evidence of how bound we are. You have heard the proverb, If you love something, let it go; if it was yours, it will come back to you. Few of us are willing to let go of the things we love, so we can find the freedom that the Son has offered us.

I’ve tasted freedom and I can assure you that it feels as sweet and as confident as the rushing wind before a summer storm. It changes the world you live in and helps you experience the same loves with deeper joy. Letting go of your attachments to people, possession and esteem is the opposite of what you have been undertaking your whole life. Your very existence has been an effort to gain the approval of people, comfort from your possessions and the esteem from what you are able to accomplish.

Why not declare this a day of your spiritual independence? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you be free of the approval of certain people you have been desperate to please. Decide to live without a purchase you have been planning. In fact, decide not to buy for a certain period of time. Choose to believe that you are fully esteemed in God’s love for you and choose not to rely on the esteem or lack of esteem from others. If you do, you will be on your way to true independence from the world, the freedom Jesus Christ died to give to you.


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