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For Mankind!

Psalm 66:5 says: “Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!” Those words say it all about who God is to us. He is always for us. He has our back. Even in the worst of circumstances we can find His goodness.

Our enemy, the devil, is the one who wants us to think that God is against us. The reverse is true. The devil wants to blind our eyes to what God has done and how His awesome deeds are always for mankind!

Are you aware of how much God constantly woos you? Do you have any concept of what He has done for you? Do you know that He does what He does for you?

Spiritual breakthroughs happen when you get the concept that you are loved by a God who never does anything that is not based on His love for you.
I know what you are going to say. Why did that baby get raped? Can you think of anything worse? What is the worst event that has happened in this world? How many horrific things are taking place in this one moment? There is no way we could even know. When you think of it, we don’t even know all the bad things that have happened or are happening to our circle of friends and family. Many people keep the worst things that happen to them a secret, and others have repressed them so deeply they don’t even remember. God knows them. Can you imagine what it is like to be God and be totally aware of all the sin in the whole world? It’s more awful than I can think. How painful!

God made this world for man and woman to rule over it. The only way we can rule it in a beautiful way is when we yield our hearts to God and rule it for His glory. Otherwise, we get what we have. Another question: As awful as this world is, can you imagine this world without God’s awesome deeds for us? We are bad enough with God’s presence in this world; what would it be like if it were man and woman and only the devil? I don’t want to find out. That is what hell will be like.

For this day, I am going to look for God’s awesome deeds. I’m going to be grateful that, though my friend’s son is in intensive care fighting for his life, I can pray. I can pray for his brain to heal the way God created it to heal. I can support parents who are weary and worn out with worry and loss of sleep. I can thank God that the rain is flooding our community, reversing the marks of draught. I don’t ignore the realities so difficult that I can’t understand. I do believe that even in the ugliest of circumstances God is working everything together for good. He always has my back. It could be worse. It could be hopeless. Even if the happy ending I seek can’t be given while I live on this earth, I know that eternity will resolve all the brokenness that seems too much to bear.

I’m glad God has my back. I hope you are too.


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