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Do You Make God Grieve?

As the book The Purpose Driven Life has driven into our awareness, God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives.  What is God's purpose for your life?  Are you doing what He has purposed you to do?

When Israel asked for a king, God knew who He would have Samuel anoint to become the first king of their nation. Samuel was offended that the people would even want a king, but God told him just to let them have one.  God also told Samuel exactly who it was to be; it was to be Saul. Saul had no idea until the day he met Samuel that he was destined to be the first king of Israel. He certainly loved the opportunity and took his place in God's plan with enthusiasm.

God had given Saul the leadership qualities he needed to be a king. Unlike his successor David, Saul looked the part of the king. Tall and handsome, he was one in whom all Israel put their hopes and trust. Not too long after his reign, God examined his life and had these words to say. I am grieved that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions (1 Samuel 15:11). Does your life make God grieve?

What has God given you? Has He given you an education, a good job, family, opportunities to use your money for His work? How have you responded to God's work in your life? Have you been faithful to carry out all of God's instructions? You see throughout the Bible that God is faithful in giving us what we need to serve Him, but we are often unfaithful with the gifts we receive.

God is grieved when we use our blessings for our own purposes and ignore His instructions. We think, I'm giving more than the average person in my church, I don’t have to give ten percent. Or, it’s okay that I move in with my boyfriend because I am only having sex only with him, that's closer to what God has in mind.

God gives and God smiles, but God also grieves. Does your response to the gifts He has given you make Him smile or grieve? Stop and think a minute about what God has done in your life. Are you using the gifts, experiences, and knowledge of God that you have to glorify Him? Does it grieve Him that He has made you king (or whatever He has made you)? Receive the position, power, money and personality that God has given you as an opportunity to please Him and put a smile on His face.  May your life never cause God to grieve!


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