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Don’t Forget Heaven!

I literally had nightmares after hearing a story that happened in my country. It was so evil my mind couldn’t turn it off when I slept, and I had a nightmare related to it that is too horrific for me to describe. Our taxpayer dollars are not only funding abortion, but also research using born alive babies without anesthesia . read article here It absolutely made me sick. What kind of wickedness is disguised by research into health? How far into satan’s realm will we enter?

I found comfort in Revelation 12:12: “Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”  This verse reminds me to remember that heaven has already been purified of satan and explains why so many horrific things can happen on earth.

Jesus taught us to pray to “Our Father who is in heaven.”  I do pray that prayer regularly, but I have been praying it more longingly since reading this story on top of all the other terrible realities going on in our world. The message from Revelation 12:12 is that we have every reason to rejoice because in heaven all has been made right. Connecting to heaven is the only way to not live plagued by disgust, fear and angst. Remembering heaven draws my mind back to hope.

I was thinking about heaven this past Sunday morning. I’m in transition and I don’t really have a church home. I hadn’t had communion in longer than I can remember so I asked my husband to hike up the mountain with me and have communion for our Sunday service. It was a beautiful spontaneous time of worship together. I led the communion and offered the elements and then he went into a mini sermon about the absurdity of faith. I used the passage from John 6 where Jesus told us He was the bread of life and that we needed to eat His flesh that I had read earlier in my devotions. Sitting on top of a mountain eating a cracker and drinking wine as if it were the body and blood of Christ might seem absurd, yet it is exactly the faithful action Jesus asks of us. This mountaintop experience led to a wonderful morning of worship and drew my mind toward heaven. The beauty that surrounded me helped me see the goodness of God in this broken and hurting world.

I signed a petition placing my name firmly against this inhumane, evil practice. You can sign a petition letting the world know that you are against this wickedness. Here is a link: Petition against trafficking babies, and I went on with my life. Rejoicing that heaven is real, heaven is my destination, and that heaven is where the souls of those butchered babies and all who have faith in God’s Son to cover our sins will find solace.

What would we do if we did not have heaven? The Lord’s Prayer is the last prayer I pray at night and often it is in my mind first thing in the morning. I have a new appreciation for the emphasis it has on heaven. Not only is it the place where the Lord dwells, but it is the place where His will is done perfectly.
Revelation 12:12 pronounces a woe on the earth because we are under the influence of satan. The evidence of his wicked influence is obvious all around. I cry, have nightmares, rant, and write about the evil that I just can’t bear to tolerate. The earth has many reasons for woe, but heaven is the place for rejoicing.


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