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Boasting in the Lord

When I read the epistles of Paul, I feel like he and I have something in common. I think we both are natural born boasters. Boasting is so much a part of my life that I don’t even notice that I do it. When I’m really good at it, other people don’t notice either.

I boast about drinking 65 ounces of water a day. Now isn’t that a stupidthing to boast about? In case you are one who doesn’t know this about me,now you do. There I go boasting again. You may think, What is so wrong with boastingabout that? I hope to think I’m not obnoxious about it. But I boast nonetheless.

1Corinthians 1:28-29 says, He chose the lowly things of this world andthe despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the thingsthat are, so that no one may boast before him. As I was reading, it hitme. The worst thing I can do to hurt my spiritual life is to boast.

Boasting is truly dangerous spiritual ground. In fact, the first sinner, Satan,was one to boast. He was the wisest and most beautiful of all created beings(Gen3:1; Ezekiel28:12-19). It makes me want to carefully examine my life for areas of boasting.

I have no problem when it comes to salvation. I’ve just done too much tobreak God’s laws not to know that my salvation is by faith in Christ’srighteousness. I have no claim to my own works and obedience to God. In fact,I can only question in light of all that Christ has done for me in redeemingme from sin and sending the Holy Spirit to live in me, why do I still sin? Whydo I still have a boasting problem?

My problem with boasting is that it’s about the things that I do throughthe Holy Spirit. I like to take credit for much of that. I think I’m theone who writes these Tea Time for Your Soul articles (Even though I amin a great hurry to finish, and had no idea in exactly what chapter the descriptionof Satan was found in Ezekiel and my Bible opened right to chapter 28, why doI boast?) I try to take credit for the things I have, like they weren’tgiven to me by God. I boast about the response to the ministry I do. Not good;not good at all.

I’m so grateful that in reading Paul’s comments on boasting I canget a sense that he had this trouble too. He found the way to overcome it. Onlyboast about God. So next time you catch yourself boasting, think of how the realcredit goes to God. Rather than boasting in yourself, delight in God’sgenerous love and trust to allow you victory in whatever area in which you boast.Remember that boasting isn’t a little thing; it’s deadly to yourspiritual life.

Note: There are links to Biblegateway.com forall the Scripture used in this devotional. Let me know if you like this feature.



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