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Battle Ready from Head to Toe

Ephesians 6:15 and 16 describe the armor that covers your feet and your head. They are not mentioned right after each other; the shield of faith is in between, followed by the sword of the Spirit. I would like to consider our head and foot covering together, and we will finish our series with the ever-important Shield of Faith and Sword of the Spirit next week.

Remember why we are putting on all this armor in the first place. Our main commandis to stand the ground that Jesus won for us. Even when a war has been won thereis still a period of time before the new kingdom is fully established. This iswhere we stand right now. God’s Kingdom on earth has not been fully established.We are told that there will be an earthly reign of Jesus that will never end.That reign is already happening in heaven—Satan has been cast down—butit has not yet reached its full reality on earth. Jesus has returned to heavento sit at the right hand of God and for His divine purposes has left us His HolySpirit and this beautiful armor to help us stand until the fullness of His prophecyis fulfilled.

Since standing is so important to the battle we are in, it is vital that we havewell fitting footwear. Have you ever worn poor-fitting shoes for a long time?I hate to admit it, but I am one of those women who will wear pretty but uncomfortableshoes. I only have a few pair that fit into this category but I am very thoughtfulabout when I will bring them out. I think through how long I will be wearingthem and determine whether it is worth the fashion or if I should change my outfitto be more sensible.

Jesus not only tells you to stand, but He perfectly fits your feet with the rightsupport to take your stand. Your feet will not grow weary, get blisters or startcramping when they at fitted with the Gospel of Peace. The enemy of your soulwill come taunting you with his lies that you shouldn’t be standing there,you should be doing something. He wants to take away the peace that comes frombelieving the Truth that the Prince of Peace is getting ready to return to thisearth and establish His earthly kingdom.

You will need to have your head covered with the Helmet of Salvation to remindyour feet to stand firm and not yield to Satan’s attempts to get you tolie down, give up or run away. With the gospel of Peace at your feet and theHelmet of Salvation fully covering your head, you are prepared from head to toewith the reality of Jesus Christ’s saving work and your great salvationwhich enables you to stand.

You are standing on the Gospel which is your Salvation. You are not preoccupiedwith fighting this battle on your own. You are resting most assuredly in theTruth buckled around your waist and the righteousness that Christ gave you representedin the Breastplate you wear. The Gospel and your salvation cover you from headto toe.

How well are you standing your ground spiritually? When was the last time yougot knocked around by one of Satan’s blows? Did he try to make you thinkthat God is leaving you out here alone too long? Is he making you feel sillyabout standing out in a culture that thinks Christian thinking is irrelevant?Does he try to make you focus on other things besides your great salvation? Don’tlet Him. Get covered from head to toe with your feet fitted in the Gospel ofPeace and your head covered with your Helmet of Salvation.



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