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A Surprise Lesson in the Clouds

I was on my way home from a speaking engagement.  I was relieved to find out that the flight was on time in spite of the gloomy weather at my departure city.  It had been a grueling week and I was exhausted.  I didn't feel like reading, and I was glad I didn't have anyone seated near me who wanted to talk.  I didn't want to sleep on the plane because it was early evening and I wanted to prolong my exhaustion until I could collapse in my own comfortable bed. I decided to pray. 

During my prayer I glanced out the window.  Not only was it gloomy and cloudy when I departed, but the pilot explained there would be more of the same all the way to Dallas.  Somehow the pilot found a place between two layers of clouds that provided a smooth ride.  I'm sure the other passengers were grateful for the calm passage home.  But, God had more to bless me with than an on time flight, in spite of bad weather, and a smooth ride.  He had a spiritual lesson waiting in the clouds. This space in the atmosphere was a picture of heaven.  There were soft beautiful white clouds beneath our plane and above, and in between was the most transfixing l color of blue sky I had ever seen.  As the trip progressed, so did sunset, the sapphire blue sky blended with purple and pinks of indescribable appearance.  All I could think about was heaven. It reminded me of Revelation 4 and the descriptions of God in heaven seated on His throne. 

In my time of prayer I began to think about several people I knew who were struggling and needed God's help. Since I felt so close to heaven at this point, my intercession focused on these individuals who had been dealing with the same difficult issues for years.  They were hanging onto their faith, but needed God to intervene in specific ways in their lives.  As I prayed, I began to realize the belief beneath my prayer.  I discerned that I thought I knew better than God what these people needed.  Looking into the clouds, God helped me see what was really going on at the other side of the clouds.

So many times when we are living under the gray and heavy clouds, we lose touch with the truth that God is in control.  He is in heaven, seated on His throne just as Revelation tells us.  When it seems that God does not respond to the dark forces in our lives, it is easy to fall prey to the darkness and the gloom.  We feel that God does not care about us, or perhaps doesn't remember how hard it is to handle hard times.  I started to think about all the millions of people who were living underneath the very clouds that I flew above.  The clouds were blocking the sunshine in their day.  But, from where I flew, just above the clouds, I realized there was an unimaginable beauty.  The hope of heaven, the hope of God's presence during our dark times was being demonstrated to me at the very moment of my prayer. 

You may be facing some dark and dreary days lately.  Don't give into the lie that God has abandoned you to endure your clouds alone.  Don't get trapped in the gloominess of your situation.  Don't believe that this pain and despair is all there is.  Above the clouds God reigns in the beauty and majesty He wants to bring to your life.  Realize that the cloudy days are not all that is happening in this world.  Understand that God is reigning in beauty above the clouds and will one day make all things right in the world.  Until that time, He will never leave you, even if you are experiencing gloomy weather.  He will be there with you in the storms. I landed safely in my cloud-covered world.  But, I will not forget that the clouds aren't all there is.  I will keep my mind on the truth that God reigns in beauty and majesty above any clouds in my world and yours. 



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