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North Star Verse

Do you have a North Star verse that your heart clings to when you are in crisis? Have you ever felt as attached to the verse when things are going well? God has given us His word to connect our hearts to His heart. Often we grasp a verse that becomes extremely special to us.

How did you get his verse? Was it like balm for a wound in your soul? Those are the kind of verses that become our North Star. They help us keep our spiritual bearings. My North Star verse is 1 John 3:1,

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him.”

This verse answers all the questions I had been asking all my life. It tells me who I am and reminds me that I have a heavenly Father who lavishes love on me. I have found no other reality more foundational to spiritual growth and understanding. I know that this verse does not have the same impact on everyone. We are so unique and individual that God draws our hearts to His words in unique and special ways.

It is intriguing to consider what verse speaks to you. I want to encourage you to consider the reality that God knows you better than you know yourself and that He knows you need that particular verse to help you understand yourself, Him and what He is up to in your life.

This would be a good week to explore the deeper meaning of this verse. One way you can do this is to share your verse with other people. You might learn more about God’s purpose in giving you that particular verse as you have spiritual discussions with others. You might learn how your verse is so different from that of someone you talk to, or perhaps discover that the same verse has the most meaning to both of you.

God’s Word is powerful in our lives and when we memorize it, we never have to be without it. Another way you can allow your North Star verse to root you more deeply is to break it down word by word. Since you probably have it memorized, you can think about each word of the verse. (This is a practice recommended by Jeanne Guyon.) Using my verse as an example, I would think about the first word, See. I would think of all the thoughts I could associate with the word See. Examples are: God wants me to see something special about myself and Him; I see with my eyes. I want God to open my eyes to all that He has for me. I can’t know God unless I am open to seeing what He shows me, etc. Then I would move on to the next word, what. I might think things like: there is a specific what that God wants me to see; what God has is something real and tangible, etc. This can help you take in the fuller meanings of God’s living word in your heart.

I hope you will recognize your North Star verse so that you will have it to cling to in times of crisis. I hope you will also let it draw your heart to the heart of God. I hope you will see that you are so unique and special to Him that He speaks to you in a special language that only you recognize as His voice.
God’s word is your compass to His heart.

[i] Ed. By Kenneth CGA. From the Fathers to the Churches (London, Collins: 1988), p. 408.



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