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In Memory

Thirty-two years ago on July 5, I received the shocking call from my now husband that his mother had been killed. Her death was tragic enough for someone like me who knew and loved her. I was devastated but not as devastated as her six children. How would they make it after such a soul crushing loss?

Thirty-two years later, I am married to her son and continue to be grateful for the love that laid such a great foundation or the man he is and the husband he is for me. He often quotes his mom: It’s the tone that makes the music. It’s so freeing to be loved by someone who gets me. He knows when I’m teasing winks at my comments in an understanding way. For this reason, I am very grateful for his mom. She gave me a wonderful husband who learned from her that faith, love, acceptance, persistence and family are the most valued qualities to focus on in this life. She would claim that her faith in Jesus Christ is was made her the woman who loved so well.

Last year around July 5 I began thinking about her death and these thoughts about her eventually led me to a reunite with her son and eventually discover that God had a plan to heal both of our souls by bringing us together to become husband and wife.

July 5 was a tragic day, but it has become a memorable day. It is a day to commemorate an amazing woman who taught not only her children, but many others, what it means to be loved. She never went beyond sixth grade in her formal education, but she learned far more than most of us in her short life. Surviving a World War 2 prison camp, immigrating to a new country, working hard, saving money and with her husband investing in a successful business—she lived a life of love as Ephesians 5:2 describes.

Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

She was definitely a woman who walked in the way of love. She taught her children that they were dearly loved, not only by her but by God the Father of Jesus Christ.

The Orthodox Church teaches that there is a greater separation between the living who are in Christ and the living who are not in Christ than between the living and the dead who are in Christ. Though we are separated by death, I hold her close. In fact, I believe if anyone in heaven thought it would be a good idea for my husband and I to reunite I would say it was her and Brian who believed we might need each other. Both of them entered heaven in the month of July, only weeks apart.

Thank you for remembering with me. We hold onto people who have loved us well by remembering them and paying their love forward. Though it hurts to lose someone you love, it hurts you more to forget the love they poured into your soul. It’s good for your soul to remember people in heaven who have shown you God’s love. God gave us His love to flow into our hearts by the Holy Spirit and overflow into the community of human life.


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