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God Meets Us in our Transitions

There are major times of change in our lives. The major life changes are more obvious at adolescence and midlife. The appearance of pimples and grey hair are much expected, but little accepted. Still they testify to the transitions of life. Other major changes happen when life experiences force them upon us. These experiences can be happy ones such as a marriage or a new venture, or times of loss such as a divorce, a demotion, or death of a close loved one.

God is always for us, but He is very active at times like these. He does not want us to go astray. He sends people into our lives to guide us. The problem is that the enemy of our soul is attentive at times like these as well. Our souls are in a tender state and it is vital that we remain anchored in our relationship with God to weather our storms that force us into the transition. It’s easy to miss God’s gifts if you don’t have a wise other to give you a clear perspective about what is happening when you are in the midst of change. Isaiah 30:21 says:

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.

God is the One who knows the way for you to walk through any transition. He is speaking to you through the Holy Spirit. Yet, our natural tendency is to get so far ahead of God that we steer off course in the transition. We need to patiently wait and listen to navigate our lives in the right way. There are many ways to go, but the way that God marks is the only way our souls find peace. Though He makes a clear way for each one of us, some of us aren’t very good at recognizing His voice clearly enough to follow.

The best place to meet God in your transitions of life is to open up your Bible and live according to the clear directions He gives. Lining up your life with the clear instructions in the Bible is like putting on hearing aids that tune in God’s clear, strong voice that is behind you, guiding you.

Of course these transitions are a lot less bumpy when you have been aligning your life with the clear instructions of the Word of God all along. However, some people find themselves in an absolute transition that has been forced on them by life without prior fortitude established by hearing, listening and obeying God’s Word. In both cases, I recommend taking out your Bible and asking the Holy Spirit to show you why you aren’t on the right way. God also gave you a conscience so that some of these wrong paths are only confirmed in His Word. You know it is wrong to steal, for example; that is a sure way that your conscience and God’s Word reveal a wrong way.

Have confidence in God. He says through Isaiah that His voice is there. It is behind me. It is telling me the way to walk. If I can’t hear it today, I need to believe that the answer is to wait and do the things I do know God asks of me. I can peruse my heart for unforgiveness, judgment, fear, or hate and walk in the way that God clearly marks out in the Bible.

God will show me the way He set out for me to go. It is a personal way, and He will tell me in a personal way. I need to listen. The last thing I want to do is walk in my own way. His way is so much better.


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