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Personality Plus

Have you had a change in your personality since meeting Jesus? You should. As a Christian counselor for many years my job was to help people change their feelings, behaviors or brain chemistry, but personality changes were impossible without Christ.
If you study the life of John you will note a young man who had a total personalitytransformation after being in the presence of Jesus. It wasn't instant, but itwas dynamic.  John was one of the two sons of Zebedee who served as Jesus’ disciples. Hewas a former fisherman, and although younger than some disciples, somewhat arrogant.Jesus named him and his brother Sons of Thunder. Their mother requested thateach of them sit on either side of Jesus in His kingdom. If you are like me,that is not the kind of John you imagine as one of Jesus’ closest associates.
You think of John as the disciple who leaned close to Jesus and asked who wasgoing to betray Him at the last supper. He was the disciple who only refers tohimself as the beloved.  He is also known for his dramatic detail of theend times in the book of Revelation.  John wrote several of the New Testamentbooks: the Gospel of John, 1-3 John and Revelation. The John who wrote thesebooks had undergone a dramatic personality change as a result of being with Jesus.No longer was he bold and arrogant demanding special favors of Jesus; he wasfirm, but humble, always drawing attention to the love that Jesus had for himand the whole world.
I am drawn to the John whose personality was changed by Jesus.  I don'tthink I would like him too much when he was the Son of Thunder, identifying withthe power of Jesus more than the love of Jesus.
The gospel writers, including John, don't detail how this dramatic transformationtook place in his life. They simply reveal that it did happen. One of my favoritepassages that John wrote is 1 John 3:1. How great is the love the Fatherhas lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that isexactly who we are! I think John’s personality change began when he firstdiscovered who he really is.
When he was trying to be the greatest in the kingdom, he didn't know that hewas already great to God. He hadn't recognized the wonder of actually being thechild of God and calling Him Father. He wasn't just a powerful servant; he wasthe child of God. These truths helped transform his personality.
When you are serious about your relationship with God, look for ways that yourpersonality changes. You should notice that you are not as caught up in desiringstatus to prove your worth. You discover that you worry a little less and praya lot more. You can see that you are no longer as driven by anger and pride.Celebrate your personality changes today and surrender more areas that you knowonly Jesus can change in you.


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