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Daily Worship

I heard the best definition of worship the other day.  Worship is loving God.   When you define worship in this way, you come closer to experiencing what you are created for.  We were created for worship, but sin totally devastated our natural inclinations toward worshipping God.
On a recent mission trip, we toured ruins of a pyramid that was built to worshipthe sun.  Inside this pyramid hundreds of remains of human sacrifices werefound.  In the twenty-first century we do not find many people worshippinglike that.  There is a lot of worship taking place.  Baby boomers worshiptheir children by trying to give them all the lessons, material possessions andopportunities that they never received as children.  We worship our sportsstars, musical performers and entertainers as heroes.   Most of usworship ourselves.  This kind of worship never truly satisfies.  Likethe sun worshippers all you have at the end of the day is loss of life.  Whenyou worship the wrong thing, it destroys your life.
God knows this, so the very first commandment He gave us is to love Him.  Thatmight seem egocentric on God's part.  It is not.  God tells us to loveHim because He knows our natural propensity to love ourselves and destroy ourlives.  Loving God will give you a satisfying life, while loving self andworshipping anything other than God will destroy your life.
In John 4:23 Jesus said, "Yet a time is coming and has now come when thetrue worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are thekind of worshipers the Father seeks."  How you worship reveals a lotabout your relationship with God. 
Worship is not attending church once a week and singing some songs with a groupof people.  Worship is giving and receiving God's love every day.  Worshipis waking up to the beauty of a crisp fall day and thanking God for making thisday.  It is noticing the beauty in God's creation.  It is looking intothe star-filled night and wondering, Who am I that God would think so much aboutme?  Worship is thanking God for all the work you have to do today and invitingHim to help you order your priorities and give you strength to get it all done.  Worshipis staying ever mindful and thankful that Jesus Christ has died for you.  Worshipis noticing the big and small ways that God is intimately involved in your day.
Do you worship daily?  You were created for that purpose.  Try oneday of worshipping God throughout the day and see what changes in your spirituallife.

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